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    Terrorismus und Islam

    Jochen Hippler
    01 December 2001
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    What Now?

    Susan George
    15 January 2001
  4. Go Tell Them

    Francisco Letelier
    17 September 2001

    A poem for Orlando Letelier, Sheridan Circle Memorial, 24 September 2000.

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    Reflections on Humanitarian Action

    • David Sogge, Mariano Aguirre
    01 April 2001

    Humanitarian action has become a subject for serious debate in light of recent conflicts across the globe. The contributors to this volume provide a systematic overview of the issues involved from a wide range of viewpoints.

  8. The UN in the Israel-Palestine Struggle

    Phyllis Bennis
    01 January 2001

    The role of the UN in the conflict varies from impotent to accomplice to broker and more over the decades.

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    G8: Are You Happy?

    Susan George
    24 July 2001
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    Democracy at the Barricades

    Susan George
    01 August 2001
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    The Battle of Genoa

    Walden Bello
    23 July 2001
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    Intelligent Graffiti, Hysterical Police

    Katharine Ainger
    01 November 2001
    In the media
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    Articles on War on Iraq before 2007

    01 December 2001
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    Dear IPS friends, family, and community

    John Cavanagh
    01 September 2001
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    Another World Is Possible

    Susan George
    01 November 2001
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    Liberalisation Of Trade in Services

    • Erik Wesselius
    18 October 2001

    The United Kingdom is home to a particularly influential services industry lobby, which operates through an organisation called International Financial Services, London (IFSL). Two IFSL working groups, the Liberalisation of Trade in Services (LOTIS) Committee and the High-Level LOTIS Group, constitute a veritable corporate-state alliance.

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