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    Scathing audit throws Colorado recreational marijuana rules into chaos

    27 March 2013
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    Colorado's under-construction plan for regulating recreational marijuana nearly came unglued when lawmakers questioned whether the agency that would enforce the rules is up to the task. The plan called for the state's Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division — which regulates medical-marijuana businesses — to transition to the Marijuana Enforcement Division and be in charge of all pot enterprises in the state. But a scathing audit cast doubt on the division's fitness for handling the massive job.

  2. Audit: Serious flaws in Colorado's regulation of medical marijuana

    25 March 2013
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    State regulators charged with watching over Colorado's medical marijuana industry have fallen short on everything from tracking inventory and managing their budget to keeping potential bad actors out of the business, a state audit found. Often lauded as a national model, Colorado's so-called seed-to-sale system of regulating medical marijuana does not exist, auditors found.

  3. Medical marijuana dispensaries: High-tech tracking system unfulfilled

    24 March 2013
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    The technology was supposed to efficiently track medical marijuana from seed to sale — the catch-phrase that came to define Colorado's efforts to regulate what had been an outlaw business. Field investigators could walk into any dispensary or grow operation and with a digital reader instantly collect data from tags attached to everything from newly potted plants to pot-infused lollipops in a regulatory system often held up as a national model and serving as the foundation for how the state will regulate recreational pot legalized by Amendment 64. (See also: Medical marijuana's unrealized regulatory goals)

  4. wall-street

    Wall Street sees opportunity in marijuana

    22 March 2013
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    A number of businesses in the burgeoning U.S. cannabis industry are trying to enlist Wall Street's help. Some entrepreneurs see marijuana heading down the same path as Prohibition, which banned the manufacture, transportation and sale of alcohol from 1920 until it was repealed in 1933. "More and more people see the inevitability," said Brendan Kennedy, chief executive of the Seattle private equity firm Privateer Holdings, which targets cannabis-focused start-ups. "They see that the Berlin Wall of cannabis prohibition is going to come down."

  5. elespectador-bronx

    'Marihuana médica es una salida a la adicción'

    Drug Policy Alliance (DPA)
    13 March 2013
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    La propuesta de Bogotá, para la intervención del consumo problemático de los usuarios del sector denominado 'Bronx', es importante en el escenario de la generación de nuevas políticas de drogas o de propuestas alternativas, que en otros países han tenido buenos resultados en el mejoramiento de la salud y de las condiciones de vida de los usuarios de drogas, el fortalecimiento de las políticas de salud pública y la reducción de la demanda del consumo de drogas y, por ende, del tráfico y delitos relacionados

  6. dominique-loumachi

    French court rejects sick man's cannabis plea

    12 March 2013
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    A French man suffering from a muscular disease since childhood had his request to be given the right to use cannabis for medicinal reasons rejected by a French court. To make matters worse he was fined €300 for possession. “I’ve been condemned – my disease is incurable, and only cannabis can give me any relief,” Dominique Loumachi told French TV TF1, before the verdict.

  7. bazuqueros

    Marihuana, entre el cultivo y la importación

    06 March 2013
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    El plan que busca ayudar a consumidores problemáticos, mediante el uso terapéutico del cannabis, está en aprietos por falta de una reglamentación sobre la entrega de sustancias ilícitas por parte del Estado. Aunque, de acuerdo con funcionarios y expertos consultados por este diario, ya hay opciones para darle viabilidad al proyecto que, pese a estar blindado por marcos constitucionales, no tiene un marco legal cierto.

  8. Colorado medical-marijuana businesses have declined by 40 percent

    02 March 2013
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    In the summer of 2010, after legislators passed a law legitimizing dispensaries, there were 1,117 medical-marijuana businesses in Colorado. By the end of that year, as a "green rush" of cannabis entrepreneurs reached its apex, the total ticked up to 1,131. Today, there are 675. In terms of sheer numbers, Colorado's medical-marijuana industry has shrunk by more than 40 percent.