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  1. Has the US just called for unilateral interpretation of multilateral obligations?

    Rick Lines, Damon Barrett
    17 December 2014

    These are interesting times for drug law reform, which, as it gathers pace, is asking important questions of international law. A UN General Assembly Special Session on Drugs is set for 2016 just as national reforms are challenging international treaties that form the bedrock of a global prohibition regime that has dominated since the turn of the twentieth century. States parties to the three UN drug control conventions must now confront the legal and political dilemmas this creates. This is the situation in which the US now finds itself following cannabis reforms in various states that are at odds with these treaties.

  2. Drug control body concerned by pot legalization in some U.S. states

    03 December 2014
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    The head of the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) monitoring compliance with international drug control conventions expressed concern about the moves by U.S. states to legalize marijuana.

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    «Das Cannabis-Verbot bringt nichts»

    01 December 2014
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    In Deutschland hat der Schildowerkreis, eine Vereinigung von mehr als 100 Strafrechtsprofessorinnen und Strafrechtsprofessoren, vor zwei Wochen das Verbot von Cannabis-Konsum als verfassungswidrig eingestuft. In der Schweiz vertritt Peter Albrecht diese Haltung seit vielen Jahren und verlangt eine Aufgabe der Strafverfolgung. Albrecht war Professor für Strafrecht in Basel, ehemaliger Strafgerichtspräsident und lehrt heute an der Universität Bern.