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  1. Donald Trump

    Breaking with Fear

    Nick Buxton
    01 December 2016

    Trump's obsession with security is not an anomaly, but a reflection of a growing tide of fear-based politics that has also shaped the climate change debate. In an interview about TNI's book, The Secure and the Dispossessed, Nick Buxton reflects on the 'securitisation' of climate change and the need to advocate a just transition.

  2. Migraciones: seguir el dinero

    Mark Akkerman
    20 September 2016

    La UE debe reconocer el papel que desempeña en alimentar los motivos que originan las migraciones y trabajar para solucionarlos, como imponer un embargo sobre la venta de armas a Oriente Próximo y el norte de África.

  3. Migration – follow the money

    Mark Akkerman
    04 August 2016

    The EU must acknowledge its part in fuelling the drivers of migration and work to stop them, including the establishment of an embargo on arms sales to the Middle East and North Africa.