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  1. KanaVape: Cannabis e-cigarette to go on sale in the UK

    16 December 2014
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    The vaping trend seemingly knows no bounds as the first “cannabis” e-cigarette goes on sale in the UK. The KanaVape, which contains hemp, has been legalised for use in France by people with cancer, multiple sclerosis (MS) and other conditions requiring pain relief. It will go on sale around the world tomorrow but the Home Office has cast doubt on whether that would be legal, saying the product must be tested for controlled substances. KanaVape cannot be compared to a joint because it does not contain THC, the chemical causing cannabis highs.

  2. dominique-loumachi

    French court rejects sick man's cannabis plea

    12 March 2013
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    A French man suffering from a muscular disease since childhood had his request to be given the right to use cannabis for medicinal reasons rejected by a French court. To make matters worse he was fined €300 for possession. “I’ve been condemned – my disease is incurable, and only cannabis can give me any relief,” Dominique Loumachi told French TV TF1, before the verdict.

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    «Mes amis doivent faire preuve d’un peu de courage»

    03 October 2012
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    Député de Paris et ancien ministre de l’Intérieur, Daniel Vaillant va déposer une contribution au congrès du PS pour la légalisation du cannabis thérapeutique. La France a la législation d’Europe la plus dure et c’est là où on consomme le plus. Beaucoup d’élus me disent : «Tu as raison, mais on ne peut pas le dire, on a peur d’être embêtés dans notre circonscription.» Je suggère à mes amis de faire preuve d’un peu de courage.