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  1. The city of Utrecht wants to convince mentally ill marijuana users to smoke better pot

    12 September 2013
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    Thanks in part to the Netherlands' policy of marijuana decriminalization, there are people living in the Dutch city of Utrecht whose addiction to cannabis prevents them from getting effective treatment for mental illness. According to a September 10 statement from Utrecht Mayor Wolfsen, "There is a group of about eighty people with a chronic psychotic disorder who barely respond to their treatment. A possible explanation for this is their severe dependence [on] cannabis."

  2. marihuana-hojas

    El médico que pidió perdón por satanizar la marihuana

    11 August 2013
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    Durante años, Sanjay Gupta, médico de cabecera de la cadena CNN, se caracterizó por ser un ferviente opositor de la marihuana. Basado en sus conocimientos como neurólogo, estaba convencido de que la droga era peligrosa y había desestimado sus supuestos beneficios terapéuticos. Hoy, sin embargo, ha cambiado completamente de opinión y hasta pide perdón por haber contribuido a lo que llama “un gran engaño”.

  3. Maroc: vers une légalisation de la culture du cannabis?

    05 August 2013
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    Le Parlement marocain est en train d'examiner un projet de loi sur la légalisation de la culture du cannabis proposé par la Coalition marocaine pour l'utilisation du cannabis à des fins médicinales et industrielles. Le débat avait été lancé en 2008 par le collectif marocain. Le militant rifain Chakib El Khayari, membre de la coalition, a confié au site d'information que cette légalisation sauverait des milliers de producteurs des griffes des barons de la drogue.

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    Maroc: vers une légalisation de la culture du cannabis?

    05 August 2013
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    Le Parlement marocain est en train d'examiner un projet de loi sur la légalisation de la culture du cannabis proposé par la Coalition marocaine pour l'utilisation du cannabis à des fins médicinales et industrielles. Le débat avait été lancé en 2008 par le collectif marocain. Le militant rifain Chakib El Khayari, membre de la coalition, a confié au site d'information que cette légalisation sauverait des milliers de producteurs des griffes des barons de la drogue.

  5. medicalmarijuana

    The argument for cannabis as medicine: Will ideology or science prevail?

    Dr. Marcus Day
    05 August 2013
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    In Saint Lucia and throughout the Caribbean, we at the Caribbean Harm Reduction Coalition have observed the therapeutic value of cannabis (marijuana) to address a number of mental and physical health issues. This has included cannabis as an alternative to alcohol consumption for problematic drinkers, and cannabis use as a substitute for smoking crack cocaine. I have also witnessed first-hand the ways that cannabis use can reduce community violence.

  6. vicentefox

    Expresidente Fox planea investigar sobre uso medicinal de la marihuana

    21 July 2013
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    El expresidente mexicano Vicente Fox anunció que el Centro Fox intentará dedicarse a la investigación sobre el uso medicinal de la marihuana, una tarea que comenzará intentando conseguir los permisos para instaurar una red de distribución del producto. En opinión de Fox, el paradigma de prohibir y castigar ha fracasado porque no ha reducido el consumo y sí ha provocado otros efectos sociales fruto de la lucha contra el narcotráfico en México.

  7. jose-carlos-bouso

    “La marihuana es una vía segura y barata de paliar enfermedades”

    09 July 2013
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    La organización Regulación Responsable invitó a Uruguay al español José Carlo Bouso, psicólogo clínico y doctor en Farmacología, para profundizar en lo relativo al uso medicinal de la marihuana. Bouso participó ayer de un foro de especialistas en la sede del Sindicato Médico del Uruguay. Antes conversó unos minutos con El Observador.

  8. marijuana

    Fate of LA pot shops left to voters

    18 May 2013
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    Los Angeles politicians have struggled for more than five years to regulate medical marijuana, trying to balance the needs of the sick against neighborhood concerns that pot shops attract crime. Voters will head to the polls to decide how Los Angeles should handle its high with three competing measures that seek to either limit the number of dispensaries or allow new ones to open and join an estimated several hundred others that currently operate.

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    Instan a la comunidad médica a "sacarse prejuicios" en torno la utilización del cannabis

    01 May 2013
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    Especialistas avalaron el uso de la planta de cannabis en forma medicinal y abogaron por "un cambio de paradigma ético y formativo" para los profesionales de la salud, al exponer en el marco de las Primeras Jornadas de Políticas de Drogas y Cannabis que se realizaron en la Universidad de Quilmes. Raquel Peyraube, médica especialista en usos problemáticos de drogas y asesora del gobierno de Uruguay, instó a los médicos a que "se saquen los prejuicios" en torno al consumo de esa droga.

  10. DEA: Warning letters to 11 pot dispensaries don’t signal war on state law

    30 April 2013
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    The Drug Enforcement Administration sent cease-and-desist letters to 11 medical-marijuana dispensaries because they are within 1,000 feet of schools or other prohibited areas. The DEA maintains that the crackdown does not signal a federal war on Washington state’s new legal-pot law. Despite Washington state’s new legal recreational-pot law, enacted by voter-approved Initiative 502, all forms of marijuana remain illegal under federal law.

  11. Cannabis to substitute crack

    Tom Blickman, Amira Armenta
    22 April 2013

    The mayor of Bogota has recently proposed a pilot scheme with crack cocaine addicts to explore the substitution of crack made of cocaine base paste (or bazuco as it is called in Colombia) by marijuana. The substitution treatment plan will include 15 problematic users from the marginalized Bronx area who are already receiving health assistance of the CAMAD operating in that sector of the city. The treatment will last approximately eight months, after which the results will be evaluated.

  12. Rival marijuana measures thrown into the electoral pot

    20 April 2013
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    Dozens of medical marijuana activists rallied outside Los Angeles City Hall, declaring war on an enemy. Their target was not the federal government, whose agents raided several local dispensaries, or neighborhood groups trying to shut down the city's estimated 700 pot shops. The enemy was fellow medical marijuana advocates. Three competing measures on the May 21 city ballot have divided L.A.'s lucrative medical cannabis industry, with each side accusing the other of trying only to protect profits, not do what is best for patients.

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    FA descarta idea de Mujica sobre producción estatal de marihuana

    19 April 2013
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    Pese a que la producción estatal de marihuana era una de las intenciones iniciales del presidente José Mujica, el Frente Amplio “afinará” la redacción del proyecto de ley que busca regularizar el mercado de canabis para neutralizar la participación del Estado y dejar claro que este no será productor de la hierba. El rol del Estado será fiscalizar y controlar el mercado de marihuana pero no producir.

  14. Denver's 4/20 pot parties a "coming out for cannabis"

    14 April 2013
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    Tens of thousands of people will attend Saturday's "4/20" rally in Denver, creating perhaps the largest collectively produced cloud of marijuana smoke ever at 4:20 p.m. But Lopez doesn't view this year's event as a celebration of Amendment 64, the pro-pot measure that voters passed in November. Instead, it is as much a protest against the measure. "It is still only a legislative act to create an economy and not to end a war that has destroyed thousands of lives." The people behind Amendment 64, likewise, are holding the rally at arm's length.

  15. Bill introduced in Congress would fix conflict between state, federal marijuana laws

    12 April 2013
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    A bill introduced in Congress would fix the conflict between the federal government’s marijuana prohibition and state laws that allow medical or recreational use. California Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher said his bill, H.R. 1523, Respect State Marijuana Laws Act of 2013, which has three Republican and three Democratic sponsors, would assure that state laws on pot are respected by the feds. The measure would amend the Controlled Substances Act to make clear that individuals and businesses, including marijuana dispensaries, who comply with state marijuana laws are immune from federal prosecution.

  16. us-weed-map

    A map that shows the dramatic spread of legal weed in the US

    07 April 2013
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    Looking at the recent spread of liberalized marijuana laws across the United States, it's hard not to think we're entering some kind of Weed Spring. The latest state to act is Maryland, where on Monday the state senate approved a bill legalizing medical marijuana by 42 to 4, sending it to Gov. Martin O'Malley, who is expected to sign it into law. Several state legislatures are considering relaxing their restrictions on marijuana. A majority of Americans now favor legalizing marijuana, and 65 percent of young people support legalizing it.

  17. joint

    Scathing audit throws Colorado recreational marijuana rules into chaos

    27 March 2013
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    Colorado's under-construction plan for regulating recreational marijuana nearly came unglued when lawmakers questioned whether the agency that would enforce the rules is up to the task. The plan called for the state's Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division — which regulates medical-marijuana businesses — to transition to the Marijuana Enforcement Division and be in charge of all pot enterprises in the state. But a scathing audit cast doubt on the division's fitness for handling the massive job.

  18. Audit: Serious flaws in Colorado's regulation of medical marijuana

    25 March 2013
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    State regulators charged with watching over Colorado's medical marijuana industry have fallen short on everything from tracking inventory and managing their budget to keeping potential bad actors out of the business, a state audit found. Often lauded as a national model, Colorado's so-called seed-to-sale system of regulating medical marijuana does not exist, auditors found.

  19. Medical marijuana dispensaries: High-tech tracking system unfulfilled

    24 March 2013
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    The technology was supposed to efficiently track medical marijuana from seed to sale — the catch-phrase that came to define Colorado's efforts to regulate what had been an outlaw business. Field investigators could walk into any dispensary or grow operation and with a digital reader instantly collect data from tags attached to everything from newly potted plants to pot-infused lollipops in a regulatory system often held up as a national model and serving as the foundation for how the state will regulate recreational pot legalized by Amendment 64. (See also: Medical marijuana's unrealized regulatory goals)

  20. wall-street

    Wall Street sees opportunity in marijuana

    22 March 2013
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    A number of businesses in the burgeoning U.S. cannabis industry are trying to enlist Wall Street's help. Some entrepreneurs see marijuana heading down the same path as Prohibition, which banned the manufacture, transportation and sale of alcohol from 1920 until it was repealed in 1933. "More and more people see the inevitability," said Brendan Kennedy, chief executive of the Seattle private equity firm Privateer Holdings, which targets cannabis-focused start-ups. "They see that the Berlin Wall of cannabis prohibition is going to come down."