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  1. Why Canada is no longer a leader in global drug policy

    26 February 2015
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    Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s statement about the failures of Canada's drug policy is mostly on point. It’s just the last bit he gets wrong: “I think what everyone believes and agrees with, and to be frank myself, is that the current approach is not working, but it is not clear what we should do.” He’s wrong, because we know what we should do: Supervised injection sites; prescription heroin; medical cannabis dispensaries; crack pipe distribution; drug testing kits; Naloxone for reversing opioid overdose.

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    Experimentan con marihuana para combatir adicción a la lata

    17 September 2012
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    pasta-base-falta-estadoEl gobierno analiza la posibilidad de sistematizar el uso de marihuana para rehabilitar adictos a la pasta base, procedimiento que ya están llevando a cabo médicos asesores del Ministerio de Salud Pública con resultados positivos. La doctora Raquel Peyraube manifestó pocas dudas al respecto y contó cómo obtuvo éxito al tratar con marihuana a los adictos a la pasta base en la comisión especial de la Cámara de Diputado que estudia el proyecto de legalización de cannabis. (Véase también la entrevista con Raquel Peyraube)

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    Therapeutic Use of Cannabis by Crack Addicts in Brazil

    • Eliseu Labigalini Jr, Lucio Ribeiro Rodrigues, Dartiu Xavier Da Silveira
    01 October 1999

    This study ensued from clinical observations based on spontaneous accounts by crack abusers undergoing their first psychiatric assessment, where they reported using cannabis in an attempt to ease their own withdrawal symptoms.