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    Porto Alegre in Cannes

    Car los Atílio T odeschini -DMAE General Director
    23 June 2003
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    Asian Peace Mission to Iraq

    01 March 2003
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    Fumigations: The debate

    01 December 2003
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    Talking Points & Next Steps: As War Begins

    Phyllis Bennis
    20 March 2003
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    The Forum as Jazz

    Hilary Wainwright
    01 November 2003
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    Factsheet on the NAFTA Record:

    John Cavanagh
    18 December 2003
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    TNI: Cracks in the Vienna consensus

    17 April 2003

    In a first analysis of the outcomes of the 2003 UNGASS mid-term review in April 2003, TNI concluded that the outcomes were very disappointing. The absence of significant progress over the past five years had not led to self-reflection and evaluation. The goals and targets of the UNGASS were simply re-affirmed. Most countries concentrated on a stock taking halfway of the implemented measures, without an honest analysis of the impact. The result is a distorted picture of virtual progress in order to justify to stay on the same course. The illusion is kept alive that reality will somehow fall into line with wishful thinking.

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    The American century

    Howard Wachtel
    01 May 2003
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    There is Life after Cancún

    Walden Bello
    21 September 2003
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    The Reemergence of Balance-of-Power Politics

    Walden Bello
    10 February 2003
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    The Unwritten History of the 1998 United Nations General Assembly Special Session on Drugs

    Martin Jelsma
    01 April 2003

    A myriad of documents and records of meetings published by the UN, reveal a previously unwritten history of events leading to the 1998 UNGASS meeting. These show the extent to which the hardliners have gone to maintain the status quo through rhetoric, denial, manipulation, selective presentation, misrepresentation and suppression of evidence, selective use of experts, threats to funding, and purging "defeatists" from the UN system.

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    De WTO doen ontsporen

    Susan George
    10 October 2003
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    State Terrorism and September 11, 1973 & 2001

    Roger Burbach
    11 September 2003
  19. The Pinochet Affair book launch

    15 September 2003

    TNI is co-organising a number of public discussions with Roger Burbach, the author of The Pinochet Affair.

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    WTO Ministerial Collapses in Cancún

    Walden Bello
    14 September 2003