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    Prepare for the Greenwash

    Kevin Smith
    28 February 2007
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    Carbon offsets not welcome here

    Larry Lohmann
    27 February 2007
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    Carbon Trading Company’s Offices Occupied

    21 February 2007
    London Rising Tide have occupied the head office of the Carbon Neutral Company (formerly Future Forests) on the day they had been invited to appear before the All Party Parliamentary Committee on Climate Change, chaired by the Carbon Neutral Company.
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    The Carbon Neutral Myth

    • Kevin Smith
    19 February 2007

    Carbon offsets are the modern day indulgences, sold to an increasingly carbon conscious public to absolve their climate sins

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    Carbon trade bandwagon

    Michael Dorsey
    05 February 2007
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    Carbon trade bandwagon

    Michael Dorsey
    01 February 2007