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    L'identità europea? Non cercatela sopra Berlino

    Oscar Reyes
    25 March 2007
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    Asia Europe People's Forum (AEPF)

    12 June 2007

    The Asia-Europe People's Forum (AEPF) is an inter-regional network of progressive civil society and social movements across Asia and Europe. Since 1996, AEPF has critically engaged the ASEM and has been organising the biennial gathering of people from Asia and Europe parallel to the official ASEM Summit Meetings. It has sustained its advocacy and commitment for peace and security, economic and social rights and democracy and human rights in Asia-Europe relations.

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    Another Europe is Possible

    Willem Bos
    02 February 2007
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    Bolivia intent on commercial suicide?

    22 June 2007

    The backlash from business and the opposition against Bolivia's trade policy with the EU was shrill enough to suggest that Bolivia had announced the end of external trade. Yet the Bolivian government's position is based on experience of the heavy costs of free trade for the majority of its citizens.

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    Le Combat pour l'Âme de l'Europe

    Oscar Reyes
    01 March 2007

    L'Union Européenne (UE) célèbre son 50ème anniversaire ce mois ci sans solution en vue pour réactiver le traité constitutionnel bloqué. Mais, avec toute une série de nouvelles propositions pour libéraliser encore plus les marchés, c'est trop tôt pour la gauche de se réjouir.