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    The EU-Mexico Free Trade Agreement Seven Years On

    • Manuel Pérez-Rocha, Rodolfo Aguirre Reveles
    17 June 2007

    The Mexico-EU FTA after seven years in force shows how the objectives that were announced during negotiations and that it purportedly promoted were nothing more than rhetoric in light of the evidence of economic and social impacts it has caused.

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    Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs)

    11 June 2007
    Policy briefing

    This paper highlights the negative effects of liberalisation of trade and investment within weaker economies and, in particular, how EU trade agreements undermine existing efforts towards developmental integration in ACP regions.

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    Asia Europe Crosspoints 2002

    13 June 2007
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    EU-ASEAN Free Trade Agreements

    09 February 2007
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    EU-ASEAN Free Trade Negotiations

    14 March 2007
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    The price of corn is social justice

    John Burstein, Manuel Pérez-Rocha
    15 March 2007
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    South Asia Moves Forward, Cautiously, Unevenly

    Praful Bidwai
    05 April 2007
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    The Malaysia-US Free Trade Agreement

    Charles Santiago
    23 April 2007
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    Global Europe FTAs

    Brid Brennan
    19 September 2007
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    Another Europe is Possible

    Willem Bos
    02 February 2007