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    How credible is carbon compensation?

    Green Prices
    27 February 2007
    In the media
    Eindhoven Airport in the Netherlands claims to be the first airport in Europe where passengers as of May 2007 can compensate emissions from their flight, but how credible is carbon compensation?
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    Carbon trade bandwagon

    Michael Dorsey
    05 February 2007
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    A Policy Paved With Good Intentions

    Boris Kagarlitsky
    18 January 2007
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    Carbon trade bandwagon

    Michael Dorsey
    01 February 2007
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    Carbon offsets not welcome here

    Larry Lohmann
    27 February 2007
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    Indulging In Carbon

    Frank O\'Donnell
    09 March 2007
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    Right to be suspicious

    William Gumede
    12 June 2007
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    Who are the Climate Leaders?

    Larry Lohmann
    01 August 2007
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    Exposing false solutions, building real answers, climate justice for all

    Press Release
    11 December 2007
    Closing session of the Solidarity Village for a Cool Planet calls for Climate Justice: countries and sectors that have contributed the most to the climate crisis -- the rich countries and transnational corporations of the North -- must pay the cost of ensuring that all peoples and future generations can live in a healthy and just world, respecting the ecological limits of the planet.
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    When pollution means profits

    Zoe Kenny
    11 December 2007
    In the media
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    Carbon offsets only a part of green lifestyle

    Ellen Simon
    31 March 2007
    In the media
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    Carbon Trading

    • Larry Lohmann
    25 January 2007

    Instead of reducing the extraction of fossil fuels and searching for other solutions, current carbon-trading policies, in practice, favour the further exploitation of these fuels.

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    G8: India Stonewalls Demand for Emission Cuts

    Praful Bidwai
    07 June 2007
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    Carbon trading won't work

    Michael K. Dorsey
    01 April 2007
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    The day after...

    Walden Bello
    17 December 2007
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    The price of climate change

    Oscar Reyes
    03 December 2007
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    Report slams offset schemes

    01 March 2007
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