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    Un nouveau depart pour ATTAC France

    Susan George
    01 February 2007
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    An offensive against dollar

    Boris Kagarlitsky
    10 August 2007
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    The economic policy of the Latin American left in government:

    • Edgardo Lander, Pablo Navarrete
    23 November 2007
    Venezuela has undergone profound political and social changes since Hugo Chávez assumed the presidency in February 1999, which have been reflected in the fundamental pillars of the government’s economic policy.
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    Beware the Invisible Hand

    Penney Kome
    01 November 2007
    In the media

    Finance Minister Jim Flaherty's October 30 "economic statement" evoked a hoary old spirit that haunts Canadian politics at every level: the Invisible Hand of laissez-faire capitalism.

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    The post-Washington dissensus

    Walden Bello
    17 September 2007