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    Le coup de colère du climatologue

    Sylvestre Huet
    24 December 2007
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    Airport passes emission option

    Jeremy Oberstein
    24 December 2007
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    Annapolis: Foreign policy deception

    Askia Muhammad
    18 December 2007
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    Democrats put blank checks back on table

    Maya Schenwar
    13 December 2007
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    WB launches financing for forest-saving scheme

    Evi Mariani
    12 December 2007
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  7. coffeeshoplicense

    Invitational Conference Cannabis Policy

    12 December 2007

    TNI co-signed a letter that was sent to the Dutch Prime Minister and relevant parliamentary commissions, stressing the need for an active Dutch involvement in the UNGASS review process and specifically to use the moment to open the discussion about the UN conventions that are an obstacle to further developments in Dutch cannabis policy.

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    When pollution means profits

    Zoe Kenny
    11 December 2007
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    Venezuela: No to Socialism for the 21st Century

    Rodrigo Acuña
    06 December 2007
    In the media

    In a surprise result, it was announced on 3 December that Venezuelan voters have rejected the 69 reforms to the national Constitution proposed by President Hugo Chávez and the National Assembly.

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    Chavez has shot at lifelong presidency

    John Otis
    03 December 2007
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  11. Crop spraying

    • Drugs and Democracy
    01 December 2007
    Policy briefing

    The United States is putting strong pressure on the Afghan government to officially adopt the strategy of eradicating the opium poppy through aerial spraying of the crops with the herbicide glyphosate.

  12. Prohibition versus Legalization

    • Mark Thornton
    01 December 2007

    Economists have been among the leading critics of current drug policies, but this criticism does not mean they have reached a consensus about specific reforms. Although drug-policy researchers and economists in general seem opposed to prohibition, they are timid in their advocacy of decriminalization and even less supportive of legalization.


  13. Water democracy

    • Mary Ann B. Manahan, Nami Yamamoto
    29 November 2007

    Compilation of 19 new essays written by civil society activists, trade unionists and other water practitioners in Asia on the fight against water privatisation and the experiences of building progressive public alternatives.

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    Dr Wainwright, we presume

    29 November 2007
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    Venezuela's students lead anti-Chávez charge

    Sara Miller Llana
    28 November 2007
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    Rice's legacy on the line at Annapolis conference

    Robert Little
    25 November 2007
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    The economic policy of the Latin American left in government:

    • Edgardo Lander, Pablo Navarrete
    23 November 2007
    Venezuela has undergone profound political and social changes since Hugo Chávez assumed the presidency in February 1999, which have been reflected in the fundamental pillars of the government’s economic policy.
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    Parole di una nuova politica

    • A cura di Transform! Italia
    18 November 2007
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    Is environmentally responsible travel possible?

    Greg McMillan
    16 November 2007
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