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    Creating history

    Praful Bidwai
    19 May 2007
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    Making Enemies, Creating Conflict:

    • Zia Mian, Edited by Zia Mian, Iftikhar Ahmad
    31 May 2007
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    Glasgow: time for soul-searching

    Praful Bidwai
    16 July 2007
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    Workshop: Water Privatisation & Struggles in Asia – in search of alternatives

    People’s Forum on ADB, Kyoto, Japan
    06 May 2007
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    Cuidado com a mão invisível!

    01 March 2007
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    Venezuela: No to Socialism for the 21st Century

    Rodrigo Acuña
    06 December 2007
    In the media

    In a surprise result, it was announced on 3 December that Venezuelan voters have rejected the 69 reforms to the national Constitution proposed by President Hugo Chávez and the National Assembly.

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    Global Warming: The Great Equaliser

    Adam Parsons
    27 September 2007
    In the media
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    Brasil: clima, dívida social e dívida ecológica

    Marcos Arruda
    29 August 2007
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    Allarme rosso a Vicenza. Pronti i blocchi dei lavori

    Eleonora Formisani e Gianni Belloni
    02 October 2007
    In the media
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    EU Warns Brazil on Environmental Impact of Biofuels

    Jonathan Stearns
    05 July 2007
    In the media
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    The struggle for Europe’s soul

    Oscar Reyes
    01 March 2007