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  1. Letelier Dossier - Photos

    12 September 2007
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    Environmental Justice

    Susan George
    03 June 2007
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    Environmental Justice News

    25 January 2007

    Environmental Justice News

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    Glasgow: time for soul-searching

    Praful Bidwai
    16 July 2007
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    Environmental impact

    01 March 2007
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    The Environmental Movement in the Global South:

    Walden Bello
    12 October 2007
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    Workshop: Water Privatisation & Struggles in Asia – in search of alternatives

    People’s Forum on ADB, Kyoto, Japan
    06 May 2007
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    Is environmentally responsible travel possible?

    Greg McMillan
    16 November 2007
    In the media
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    We need an environmental Keynesianism

    Susan George
    25 October 2007
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    What’s missing from the climate talks? Justice!

    14 December 2007
    Press release
    Many social movements and groups that came together in Bali have agreed to establish a coalition called Climate Justice Now! with the aim of intensifying actions to prevent and respond to climate change.
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    Tax Justice

    10 May 2007 - Event
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    Water Justice activities

    08 February 2007

    Water Justice activities

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    The price of corn is social justice

    John Burstein, Manuel Pérez-Rocha
    15 March 2007
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    Exposing false solutions, building real answers, climate justice for all

    Press Release
    11 December 2007
    Closing session of the Solidarity Village for a Cool Planet calls for Climate Justice: countries and sectors that have contributed the most to the climate crisis -- the rich countries and transnational corporations of the North -- must pay the cost of ensuring that all peoples and future generations can live in a healthy and just world, respecting the ecological limits of the planet.
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    EU Warns Brazil on Environmental Impact of Biofuels

    Jonathan Stearns
    05 July 2007
    In the media
  17. Cocaine paste and cannabis in the field of mental health in Chile

    Ingrid Tartakowsky López
    26 February 2007

    Clinical observations and scientific evidence - The use of some drugs in Chile remains silenced in official discourses, making it important to clinically observe the various ways those drugs requiring more attention appear, and which are not seen as a priority in mental health. Specifically, this is the case with cocaine paste, widely used by people living in poverty.

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    Water Justice links

    25 January 2007
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