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    The day after...

    Walden Bello
    17 December 2007
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    World Water Day - 22 March

    01 March 2007
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    Khat chewing in the Horn of Africa

    Antony Otieno Ong’ayo
    03 May 2007
  4. De-vilifying the coca leaf

    Samuel Logan
    09 March 2007

    Venezuelan funding of new coca leaf processing factories in Bolivia has renewed discussion on the future of licit coca products and US and Bolivian relations, but antiquated policies must be changed.

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    STOP EPAs global day of action

    27 September 2007 - Event
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    Stop EPAs day, 27 September 2007

    29 August 2007
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    Dominant tendencies of our days. Is our time running out?

    Edgardo Lander
    01 January 2007
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    Bolivia intent on commercial suicide?

    22 June 2007

    The backlash from business and the opposition against Bolivia's trade policy with the EU was shrill enough to suggest that Bolivia had announced the end of external trade. Yet the Bolivian government's position is based on experience of the heavy costs of free trade for the majority of its citizens.

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    The final battle in Bolivia

    Roger Burbach
    27 November 2007
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    The 6-Day War: A Time to Expose Zionist Puppetmasters?

    John Lomperis
    12 July 2007
    In the media
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  14. Colombia coca cultivation survey results

    • Drugs and Democracy
    01 June 2007
    Policy briefing

    Despite 2006 witnessing the most intensive use of fumigation in the country’s history, some 157,200 hectares of cultivation areas were detected, 13,200 hectares more than in 2005. Is the fumigation strategy failing?

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    Re-founding the state in Bolivia

    Mariano Aguirre, Isabel Moreno
    01 January 2007
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    A New Era for Labor Unions

    Boris Kagarlitsky
    06 December 2007
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    Coca, Petroleum and Conflict in Cofán Territory

    • Moritz Tenthoff
    01 September 2007
    Policy briefing

    Under the guise of the war on drugs and terror, the way is being cleared for major economic interests in the Lower Putumayo (Colombia). This paper examines the impact of coca cultivation, petroleum activity and the armed conflict on the ancestral territory of the Cofán community.

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    Prepare for the Greenwash

    Kevin Smith
    28 February 2007
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    A draw for Ford but a victory for all

    Boris Kagarlitsky
    20 December 2007
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