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    Poznan Climate Talks: fiddling while the earth burns

    Oscar Reyes
    16 December 2008
    The UN Climate Conference in Poznan, Poland failed to achieve any breakthrough towards a global climate deal – a sign not merely of bad timing, but of a fundamentally flawed system that takes no account of climate justice.
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    Corporate takeover at Poznan: some facts

    Climate Justice Now!
    09 December 2008
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    Offsets Under Kyoto: a dirty deal for the South

    Kevin Smith
    05 December 2008
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    Challenges of the 21st century

    Susan George
    25 November 2008
    We can resolve the multiple crises facing us by financing total conversion of our system towards an ecological carbon-free energy system.
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    Une économie écologique pour sortir de la crise

    Susan George
    12 November 2008
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    The Cost of Carbon

    Nick Lazaredes talks to Kevin Smith, and others
    13 October 2008
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    Transforming the Global Economy: Solutions for a Sustainable World

    Susan George
    06 October 2008
    The current financial crisis provides the ideal opportunity to implement tax reforms that would finance the conversion to eco-friendly industry: an environmental Keynesianism that would pull the world out of economic ruin and social chaos while getting the runaway global financial system under control.
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    Global coal gets a boost from the carbon market

    Kevin Smith
    01 October 2008
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    A Call to Climate Action - KlimaX 2009

    23 September 2008
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    AES Corporation busca beneficios con bonos de carbono en Panamá

    Burica Press
    06 August 2008
    In the media

    Una nueva represa hidroeléctrica en Panamá podría recibir fondos del Mecanismo para el Desarrollo Limpio de Naciones Unidas.

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    Why Carbon Offsets Backfire

    Daphne Wysham
    05 August 2008
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    Derail Doha, save the climate

    Walden Bello
    29 July 2008
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    The anti-climate summit

    Walden Bello
    16 July 2008