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    Food & Water Watch Launches Affordable, Sustainable Seafood Recipe Contest

    21 September 2009
    Press release

    Today, Food & Water Watch launched the “Frugal Fish” recipe contest, a challenge to savvy cooks to create a seafood dinner for four people that costs $25 or less, using fish recommended in Food & Water Watch’s Smart Seafood Guide.

  7. NeoConOpticon

    • Ben Hayes
    28 September 2009

    Are we turning a blind eye to a new kind of arms race? One in which all the weapons are pointing inwards? This report reveals the extent to which Europe’s largest defence and IT contractors are benefiting from a €1.4 billion EU “security research” programme.

  8. About War and Pacification

    29 September 2009

  9. Activities

    07 September 2009
  10. About Public Sector Alternatives

    26 September 2009

    The Public Alternatives project works to build a strong countervailing force that reverses privatisation and helps construct democratic, accountable and effective public services. The project is also exploring the potential of other state-owned enterprises to lead an alternative, more human-centred and environmentally-sensitive development approach.

  11. About the Water Justice project

    23 September 2009

    TNI's Water Justice project supports public, effective, participatory public water services that are socially just and ecologically sustainable. TNI’s water work forms part of its work on Public Sector Solutions and is embedded in the Reclaiming Public Water (RPW) network made up of public water utilities, trade unions, academics and citizens from 58 countries.

  12. Interview: Neoconopticon report

    Ben Hayes
    28 September 2009
    The lack of debate on EU's emerging policies on security is not just about "sleepwalking into a surveillance society”, it is also turning a blind eye to the start of a new kind of arms race, one in which all the weapons are pointing inwards.
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    Still as good as ever to be the boss

    Stephen Morris
    03 September 2009
    In the media
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    Feminism and Lubna Hussein

    04 September 2009
    In the media
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    Argentina Legalizes Personal Marijuana Use

    Kristin Bricker
    08 September 2009
    In the media
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