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  1. Latin America Drug Policy Dialogue 2009 Rio de Janeiro

    26 February 2009 - Event

    The fifth meeting of the Informal Drug Policy Dialogues in Latin America took place in Rio de Janeiro, and was organized by WOLA and TNI, in cooperation with the Department of Mental Health of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Justice of Brazil. The discussion focused on the UNGASS review process and the Political Declaration to be adopted at the high-level segment of the 52nd session of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs in Vienna on March 11-12, 2009. The dialogue focused on three key issues: (1) Latin American Perspectives on the Political Declaration; (2) The Effectiveness of the Conventions: The Case of Latin America; and (3) Human Rights and Policies Related to Drug Law Enforcement.


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    Conference on military bases

    27 February 2009 - Event
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    Trade and corporate issues

    29 January 2009 - Event
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    Links en 'de crisis' deel 2

    22 March 2009 - Event
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    IV Summit of the People

    16 April 2009 - Event
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    The Global food crisis

    13 August 2009 - Event
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    Put People First!

    28 March 2009 - Event
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    It's not the economy, stupid!

    19 February 2009 - Event