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  1. From Lima to Madrid

    18 November 2009 - Event
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    Israel discourse has changed

    Phyllis Bennis
    03 November 2009

    The Israel discourse has changed, and Americans no longer wholeheartedly support militaristic policies in Israel. There is room for debate on these issues, and politicians should fear hiding from it more than they fear addressing the issues.

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    The World Crisis - and Beyond

    28 October 2009 - Event
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    Where has all the money gone?

    27 October 2009 - Event
  5. Latin America Drug Policy Dialogue 2009 Buenos Aires

    22 October 2009 - Event

    The sixth meeting was held near Buenos Aires and was organized by WOLA and TNI, and sponsored by the Argentine Government through the Chief of Cabinet and its Scientific Advisory Committee with the support of Intercambios. Participants included people involved in the reform processes of national and international legal instruments related to drug issues. Debates centered on three key areas: (1) Reforms in policies regarding the prevention and treatment of problematic use of substances; the future of Harm Reduction programs in Latin America; (2) Decriminalization of possession; limits to and extent of current penal reforms; and (3) Legal reforms in the international arena: the case of the coca leaf.


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    Water: a common good, public management, and alternatives

    09 October 2009

    Water justice activists gathered in Cochabamba, Bolivia in August 2008 to envision just and sustainable models of water stewardship and to build alliances that will bring these visions to fruition. A compelling visual insight into a dynamic international movement building practical alternatives to privatization.

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    Writing on Water

    09 October 2009

    Inspiring video on the experience of the Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board which has broken down barriers between communities and engineers, and is pioneering a model of effective, democratic, accountable public water services.

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    Fellows meeting 2006

    19 June 2006 - Event
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    Fellows Meeting 2006

    19 June 2006 - Event
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    Fellows meeting 2007

    19 June 2007 - Event
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    Fellows meeting 2008

    19 June 2008 - Event