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    When pollution means profits

    Zoe Kenny
    11 December 2007
    In the media
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    Carbon offsets only a part of green lifestyle

    Ellen Simon
    31 March 2007
    In the media
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    ¿Son creíbles la compensaciones de emisiones?

    Green Prices
    27 February 2007
    In the media
    El aeropuerto de Eindhoven, en los Países Bajos, ha anunciado ser el primer aeropuerto de Europa donde los pasajeros, a partir de mayo de 2007, podrán compensar las emisiones causadas por su vuelo, pero ¿hasta qué punto son creíbles estas compensaciones?
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    How credible is carbon compensation?

    Green Prices
    27 February 2007
    In the media
    Eindhoven Airport in the Netherlands claims to be the first airport in Europe where passengers as of May 2007 can compensate emissions from their flight, but how credible is carbon compensation?
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    Climate change expert seeks expansion of carbon trading

    James Kanter, Alan Cowell
    25 January 2007
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