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  1. Reimagining Drug Policy in the Americas

    27 June 2014

    Latin America is now at the vanguard of international efforts to promote drug policy reform: Bolivia has rewritten its constitution to recognize the right to use the coca leaf for traditional and legal purposes, Uruguay has become the first nation in the world to adopt a legal, regulated Cannabis market, and Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, and Ecuador are openly critiquing the prevailing international drug control paradigm at the UN. And now with the United States itself relaxing its marijuana laws state by state, the U.S. prohibitionist drug war strategies are losing credibility in the region.


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    "Mi pacto es con el futuro de México"

    08 June 2014
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    pena-nieto3Peña Nieto no tiene problema en extenderse y mostrarse debidamente contundente es cuando la conversación discurre por el pantanoso asunto de las drogas, sus mercados y sus clientes, de los que México se ha considerado tradicionalmente una víctima. La legalización de la marihuana en algunos Estados de EE UU, le digo al presidente, ¿no le complica el discurso tanto a usted como al presidente Obama en la lucha contra el narcotráfico?

  3. Mexican president hints may be open to change in marijuana laws

    07 June 2014
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    Mexico and the United States cannot pursue diverging policies on marijuana legalization, Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto was quoted as saying, hinting he may be open to following the lead taken by some U.S. states in changing drug laws. Political pressure has grown in Mexico to take a more liberal stance on marijuana. In an interview with Spanish newspaper El Pais, Pena Nieto said "we can't continue on this road of inconsistency between the legalization we've had [...] in the most important consumer market, the United States, and in Mexico where we continue to criminalize production of marijuana."