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    Police force gives cannabis users green light to grow drugs

    21 July 2015
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    Durham Police has given users the green light to grow cannabis at home after declaring that officers will no longer proactively target small scale producers. In a move, which will be seen as a step towards decriminalisation, Durham's Police Commissioner Ron Hogg said it will only go after people if there is a complaint or if they are being "blatant", while the force will continue to tackle large scale cannabis farms. (See also: Cannabis users won't be a priority for County Durham Police | Durham police stop targeting pot smokers and small-scale growers)

  2. Ganja law needs police support, says Golding

    30 May 2015
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    Minister of Justice Senator Mark Golding, says that the success of recent changes to the Dangerous Drugs Act, accommodating decriminalising possession of small amounts of ganja in Jamaica, will rely on the judgment and discretion of the police.

  3. Revised ganja law fundamental and far reaching — Bunting

    10 May 2015
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    National Security Minister Bunting says amendments to the Dangerous Drugs Act, resulting in decriminalisation of specified quantities of ganja, are "most fundamental and far-reaching".

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    La mitad de las causas iniciadas por drogas son contra las personas que consumen

    30 April 2015
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    detencion-argentinaRecursos despilfarrados en causas que se archivan, personas detenidas por fumar un "porro" en la calle, policías que se "topan" con gente en la vía pública y la detiene, operativos que no se realizan; ése es el panorama que relevó un informe de la Fiscalía Federal 6 en Argentina. Los números son contundentes. De 200 casos estudiados, el 50% de las causas son contra personas por consumo personal. Y el 100% son finalmente archivadas. 

  5. Drugs in the UK: Why we need to talk about regulation and decriminalisation

    30 January 2015
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    Fighting the war on drugs in the UK costs an estimated £13 billion annually.

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    Fiscalía advierte por exceso de causas por tenencia de drogas para uso personal

    07 September 2014
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    Una fiscalía federal porteña recibió durante 15 días de turno con fuerzas de seguridad un 73% de causas por infracción a la ley de droga, de las cuales el 71% fueron por tenencia de estupefacientes para consumo personal, que terminan archivadas a raíz de jurisprudencia de la Corte Suprema de Justicia de la Nación que despenalizó esa conducta en Argentina.

  7. Nonsense to arrest for a spliff

    Icaria Editorial
    11 August 2014
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    The attorney general, Patrick Atkinson, must move with dispatch to determine, as the justice minister, Mark Golding, suggests, whether the police can proceed by issuing summonses to, rather than arresting, persons who are to be prosecuted for possession of small amounts of marijuana. The idea makes sense in the face of the Government's declared policy to decriminalise ganja use, but has added urgency following last week's death, apparently the result of a severe beating while in a Montego Bay police lock-up, of Mario Deane, who was arrested for a ganja cigarette. (See also: Ganja decision should not be based on votes)

  8. Ganja growers demand amnesty on weed arrests

    09 August 2014
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    A call has been made for the government to declare an amnesty on all arrests for the possession of under one pound of marijuana. The plea from the Ganja Future Growers Producers Association was made following the death of Mario Deane who was in the custody of the State. Deane was arrested and held at the Barnett Street police station lock-up in western Jamaica for possession of a marijuana spliff. While in custody, he was beaten and died in hospital a few days later.

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    Se criminaliza a los adictos

    28 May 2014
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    De acuerdo con la investigación En busca de los derechos: Usuarios de drogas y las respuestas estatales en América Latina, elaborado por el Colectivo de Estudios, Drogas y Derecho, en menos de cinco años, la Procuraduría General de la República (PGR) detuvo a más de 140 mil personas en todo el país por portación de drogas. Esto a pesar de que desde 2009 la Ley General de Salud permite la posesión de ciertas cantidades de drogas, como es el caso de la mariguana. Una persona puede portar hasta 5 gramos sin ser arrestado.

  10. Weed: Decriminalise to stabilise

    26 October 2013
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    Jamaica's current volatile security environment and its economic malaise are reasons enough to seriously consider joining their Latin American counterparts to debate a raft of new policy options, not only in rhetoric, but also through public policy. Our prison conditions and local magistrate courts are bursting at their seams from inmate overcrowding and case overloads for marijuana possession that amount to miniscule consumption levels.

  11. Marijuana decriminalization law brings down juvenile arrests in California

    25 November 2012
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    Marijuana is one of the primary reasons why California experienced a stunning 20 percent drop in juvenile arrests in just one year, between 2010 and 2011, according to the San Francisco-based Center on Juvenile & Criminal Justice (CJCJ). The center recently released a policy briefing with an analysis of arrest data collected by the California Department of Justice’s Criminal Justice Statistics Center. The briefing, “California Youth Crime Plunges to All-Time Low,” identifies a new state marijuana decriminalization law that applies to juveniles, not just adults, as the driving force behind the plummeting arrest totals.

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    Aportes del Colectivo de Estudios Drogas y Derecho (CEDD)

    31 October 2012

    cedd-oaeCon este informe el Colectivo de Estudios de Drogas y Derecho (CEDD) pretende aportar al análisis y la reflexión iniciado en el marco de la evaluación de las políticas de drogas de la CICAD/OEA, por mandato de la VI Cumbre de las Américas, compartiendo con los expertos un importante esfuerzo de investigación realizado en los últimos años en parte del hemisferio, sobre dos áreas planteadas: “los desafíos en materia de seguridad y relaciones entre drogas, violencia y crimen organizado” y, “los aspectos jurídicos y normativos alternativos”.

    application-pdfDescargar el informe (PDF)

  13. Fix to B.C.’s ‘drug problem’ is easy: legalize marijuana

    20 September 2012
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    With three western American states mulling legalized marijuana and the Union of B.C. Municipalities set to debate it, a new group wants the province to stop enforcing the federal criminal ban on pot. Several prominent cannabis crusaders have drafted a proposed law, called the Sensible Policing Act, and are asking for a provincial commission to study the regulation and taxation of the demonized plant. The wished-for legislation is available on the group’s website: