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    High Court Gives Pinochet a Reprieve

    Anthony Faiola, Pascale Bonnefoy
    21 December 2000

    Chile's Supreme Court today threw out an indictment and house arrest order against retired Gen. Augusto Pinochet, but it also cleared the way for a new indictment.

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    We Need to be Guerrillas

    Hilary Wainwright
    05 December 2000
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    Statement of Juan Garcés on the Pinochet arrest

    Juan Garcés Garces
    01 December 2000

    The step taken today by Judge Guzman will hopefully lead to Pinochet's trial on the charges brought against him.

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    Brasil e Argentina

    Marcos Arruda
    01 December 2000
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    United Nations Pulls Out of Plans to Use Anti-Drug Biological Weapons in South America

    01 December 2000

    Civil society groups need to analyze possibilities to ban Drug War biological weapons at regional and United Nations agencies that work on related issues of environment, genetic resources, health, arms control, and agriculture.

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    Documents Shed Light on Assassination of Chilean in US

    Christopher Marquis, Diana Jean Schema
    14 November 2000

    A month before the assassination of Letelier and Moffitt in 1976, the US government ordered its envoys in Latin America to try to avert a plot to murder leftist opponents of the region's governments.

  8. Paso decisivo para cerrar el caso Pinochet

    Ana María Sanhueza
    03 November 2000

    Tres semanas después de que el presidente chileno Lagos dijera que el caso terminaría "bien y pronto", la Corte de Apelaciones abrió implícitamente la puertas a un test de carácter físico a Pinochet.

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  10. Argentina pide detener y extraditar a Pinochet

    Marcos Salgado
    27 October 2000

    El fiscal argentino explicó que a Pinochet, Contreras y Espinoza se les acusa en calidad de jefes u organizadores de una asociación ilícita y coautores de doble homicidio agravado.

  11. Pinochet apuesta a nuevos jueces por exámenes

    Ana María Sanhueza
    21 October 2000

    Los abogados de Pinochet piden aplazar la apelación.

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    "The reality of capitalism is inequality"

    Boris Kagarlitsky
    04 October 2000
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    The Case for Full Disclosure of CIA Activities in Chile

    Vernon Loeb
    02 October 2000

    Covert US operations in Chile to instigate the coup in 1970 and aimed at undermining Allende were all explicitly approved by President Nixon and Henry Kissinger.

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    Angola: The Client Who Came in from the Cold

    David Sogge
    01 October 2000
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    The Spirit of Seoul

    Brid Brennan
    01 October 2000
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  18. coca-leaf-cocaine-maintenance

    Coca leaf chewing as therapy for cocaine maintenance

    • Jorge Hurtado Gumucio
    30 September 2000

    The cocaine base, or “pasta”, may be seen as a type of South American crack. Its obligatory method of administration is smoking. A primary condition of the “pasta” smoker is compulsive drug-search behavior and addiction to cocaine base destroys emotional and mental balance. Socio-economic maladjustment is the norm amongst “pasta” addicts. Since 1984 I have recommended the chewing of the coca leaf, between 100 to 200 grams of coca leaf per week for the treatment of cocaine dependence.

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    Contreras cuenta sus relaciones con la CIA

    Lilian Olivares
    29 September 2000

    Entrevista con Manuel Contreras, ex jefe de los servicios secretos chilenos durante la dictadura de Augusto Pinochet.

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    Ex-spy Chief says CIA helped him set up Pinochet's Secret Police

    Jonathan Franklin
    23 September 2000

    The CIA and the former head of the Chilean secret police are scrambling to blame each other for a series of murders at home and abroad, including a notorious 1976 car bombing in Washington.