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  1. State of Power 2019 cover thumbnail

    Estado del poder 2019

    15 February 2019

    A pesar de haber causado la peor crisis financiera de las últimas décadas, el sector financiero ha salido de ella aún con mayor fuerza. En la octava edición de Estado del poder, publicada en español por el Transnational Institute, Fuhem Ecosocial y Attac España, analizamos, a través de artículos e infografías, las diversas dimensiones y dinámicas del poder financiero, y cómo los movimientos populares podrían recuperar el control sobre el dinero y las finanzas.

  2. State of Power 2019 cover thumbnail

    Cocaine on Wall Street, The War on Drugs, and Peace in Colombia

    • Jorge Andrés Forero-González , Miranda D. Mosis, Diana María Peña-García
    08 February 2019

    This essay connects cocaine, the financial system and global economies through the experience of the war on drugs and peace process in Colombia.

  3. Village meeting in Magyi

    Investing in Mon State?

    MACDO, Mads Barbesgaard
    04 February 2019

    How beneficial is the new policy of encouraging investment in Myanmar's Mon state?

  4. The data of money

    • Andrés Arauz
    28 January 2019

    The international bank transfer system, SWIFT, is a form of contemporary digital colonialism and surveillance capitalism as it is run by US firms and provides data to US government agencies. Drives by governments and philanthropists to increase use of digital money will only strengthen it further.

  5. State of Power 2019 cover thumbnail

    State of Power 2019

    20 January 2019

    Despite causing the worst financial crisis in decades, the financial sector emerged even stronger. TNI's eighth flagship State of Power report examines through essays and infographics the varied dimensions and dynamics of financial power, and how popular movements might regain control over money and finance.