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  1. State of Power 2012

    24 January 2012

    Who are the global 1%? What companies do they run? How do they escape accountability? Check out TNI's powerful infographic displays that expose the social and environmental costs of global corporate power.

  2. Estado del poder 2012

    26 January 2012

    ¿Quiénes son el 1% de la población mundial? ¿Qué compañías manejan? ¿Cómo eluden sus responsabilidades? Estos ilustrativos infográficos del TNI ponen de manifiesto los costes sociales y medioambientales del poder corporativo mundial.

  3. State of Power 2019 cover thumbnail

    State of Power 2019

    20 January 2019

    Despite causing the worst financial crisis in decades, the financial sector emerged even stronger. TNI's eighth flagship State of Power report examines through essays and infographics the varied dimensions and dynamics of financial power, and how popular movements might regain control over money and finance.