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  1. The choice for Greece: a post-modern coup or a new kind of society?

    Alex Nunns
    28 March 2012

    "Every few months there is an event that is more than a demonstration but less than a revolt. And every time it gets bigger.”

  2. Syriza shines a light

    Hilary Wainwright
    24 July 2012

    In Greece, a radical left coalition is actively preparing for power in society and in parliament. Hilary Wainwright reports from Athens.

  3. Seeking a democratic solution to the EU crisis

    Julie de Los Reyes
    23 August 2012

    Syriza party and movement activist outlines the leading Greek opposition party's strategy post-elections and his belief in an alternative vision for European integration rooted in democracy.

  4. Syriza: buscando una solución democrática a la crisis europea

    Julie de Los Reyes entrevista a Pavlos Kazakopoulous
    10 September 2012

    Pavlos Kazakopoulous, activista del partido-movimiento Syriza, explica cómo está respondiendo su partido a la austeridad griega en términos prácticos y sus argumentos para una Europa democrática.

  5. Syriza: un faro en una Europa a la deriva

    Hilary Wainwright
    04 December 2012

    Mientras Grecia sigue hudiéndose en el pozo del rescate, los poderes europeos siguen insistiendo en la inevitabilidad de la crisis. Sin embargo, hay alternativas y Syriza nos muestra una salida posible.