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  1. Desmantelemos el Poder Corporativo

    19 June 2012

    ¡Desmantelamos el capital poder corporativo!

    ¡Por el fin de la impunidad de las Empresas Transnacionales!

  2. Dismantle Corporate Power

    15 June 2012

    Call to International Action for the economic, political, cultural and environmental sovereignty of our peoples.
    End the impunity of transnational corporations Now!

  3. Voices from the World Social Forum

    Susan George
    08 February 2011

    Although initiated as a counter-forum to Davos, the World Social Forum has evolved beyond it now, focusing on the root causes of problems facing humanity and developing real alternatives as solutions.

  4. Sad Spectacle in Istanbul

    Boris Kagarlitsky
    19 July 2010

    If left-wing ideas have become popular again and social movements in Eastern Europe have strengthened, why is the European Social Forum in decline?

  5. Foro Social Mundial: El chavismo en su cortocircuito

    Edgardo Lander
    30 January 2010

    El chavismo repite errores de gobiernos anteriores al no enfrentar la enorme dependencia petrolera de Venezuela.