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    Asem leaders told: Counter crises effects with people-centered policies

    Veronica Uy
    06 November 2012
    In the media

    The people’s pauperization and environmental destruction caused by the still-raging global financial crisis must be countered with people-centered policies and practices, international civil society groups told state leaders of Asia and Europe Tuesday.

  2. Turn despair into hope at the Earth summit

    21 June 2012
    In the media

    More than 100 civil society organisations from every continent now join forces in a new major campaign, Stop Corporate Impunity, to dismantle corporations' power and end their impunity.

  3. European Democracy Now!

    03 November 2011
    Other news

    While banks and European leaders negotiate the next public bail out of private greed, and the financial speculation that caused the crisis continues unheeded, Europeans have shown that like many people around the world, from Tahrir to Syntagma Square and Wall Street, they are not going to take more neoliberal austerity lying down. The question already being asked by many observers is - where to now for the popular demonstrations?

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    Philippines: Party-list Legislators Often Forgotten in Poll

    Lynette Lee Corporal
    04 April 2010
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    The election of party-list legislators in the Philippines Congress was meant to counter the elitist and often corrupt system of district-level politics.

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    Review of <i>La nueva izquierda en América Latina</i>

    Miguel Ángel Villena
    04 October 2008
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  6. Reseña de La nueva izquierda en América Latina

    Miguel Ángel Villena
    04 October 2008
    In the media
    En la última década, las izquierdas han ocupado el poder en varios países de América Latina por la vía democrática. Conviene hablar de izquierdas, en plural, porque uno de los rasgos de su enorme transformación pasa por una amplísima diversidad.
  7. Reseña de La nueva izquierda en América Latina

    Juan Avilés
    11 July 2008
    In the media
    En América Latina soplan hoy vientos de izquierda. Hay algún gobernante conservador que está haciendo una labor importante, sobre todo Álvaro Uribe, pero nunca antes había habido tantos gobiernos de izquierda en la región.
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    Venezuela: No to Socialism for the 21st Century

    Rodrigo Acuña
    06 December 2007
    In the media

    In a surprise result, it was announced on 3 December that Venezuelan voters have rejected the 69 reforms to the national Constitution proposed by President Hugo Chávez and the National Assembly.