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    The Road to the Alter Summit

    05 June 2013
    In the media

    Susan George speaking in short documentary film about the Alter Summit

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    World Social Forum debuts in Arab world

    05 April 2013
    In the media

    [Dismantle Corporate Power banner at the Opening March of the WSF in Tunis, 27 March 2013]

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    Dismantling Transnational Corporations

    Michael Levitin
    02 April 2013
    In the media

    One of the most impacting meetings took place Thursday, when more than 100 people filled a lecture hall, organized by the coalition Stop Corporate Impunity, to hear an array of speakers on a panel called “Confronting the Power of Transnational Corporations and Unpacking the Global Investment, Trade and Financial Regimes.”

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    Asem leaders told: Counter crises effects with people-centered policies

    Veronica Uy
    06 November 2012
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    The people’s pauperization and environmental destruction caused by the still-raging global financial crisis must be countered with people-centered policies and practices, international civil society groups told state leaders of Asia and Europe Tuesday.

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    Perder la calle, ganar el discurso

    Antía Castedo, Bernat García
    08 January 2010
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    El movimiento antiglobalización pierde visibilidad pero sus mensajes entran en la agenda política - Diez años después de Seattle, las contradicciones internas persisten.

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    Más ideas que acciones

    Alejandro Kirk
    04 February 2008
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