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  1. uruguay-bandera-marihuana

    El camino iniciado por Uruguay sienta las bases de un nuevo paradigma para las políticas públicas sobre drogas

    10 December 2013
    Press release

    Las organizaciones firmantes queremos hacer llegar nuestras felicitaciones a los diputados y senadores uruguayos que han votado el proyecto de Regulación de la Marihuana y a las organizaciones sociales que han promovido durante años el cambio en la política de drogas. La regulación de la marihuana es un paso positivo para intentar alejar la violencia generada por el narcotráfico de nuestros países.

    Descargar la carta abierta (PDF)

  2. uruguay-bandera-marihuana

    Uruguay establishes the basis for a new paradigm in drug policy

    10 December 2013
    Press release

    The signatory organisations below wish to congratulate the Uruguayan Deputies and Senators that have voted in favour of the law regulating marijuana, and the organisations that have been pushing for drug policy reform for years.Cannabis regulation is a positive step to try and tackle drug-related violence in our countries.

    Download the open letter (PDF)

  3. Uruguay’s pioneering cannabis regulation marks tipping point

    10 December 2013
    Press release

    Uruguay’s senate voted today (10 December) to approve the world’s first national legal framework regulating the cultivation, trade and consumption of cannabis for medical, industrial as well as recreational purposes.

  4. ciddh

    Carta abierta del CIDDH sobre la aprobación de la Ley de regulación del mercado del cannabis en Uruguay

    09 December 2013
    Press release

    El 10 de diciembre del 2013, se aprobó en la Cámara Alta uruguaya el proyecto que regula la venta y habilita al autocultivo de cannabis . El Centro de Investigación “Drogas y DDHH” (CIDDH) se dirige a los expertos y opinión pública, a fin de guiar el debate sobre las drogas y repensar las actuales políticas de drogas en el Perú.

    Ver el texto completo de la Carta Abierta

  5. Thumbnail

    More than 100 organizations sign transatlantic statement opposing dangerous investor “rights” chapter in CETA

    25 November 2013
    Press release

    25 November 2013, Brussels, Ottawa and Quebec City – As European and Canadian trade officials meet again in Brussels today to continue negotiating an investment protection chapter in the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), transatlantic civil society groups are demanding that this chapter be removed entirely as an affront to democracy, an attack on the independent judiciary, and a threat to climate change and our shared environment.

  6. medelln

    Open letter to Ministers Responsible for Public Security in the Americas

    25 November 2013
    Press release

    We, the undersigned human rights organizations, address you on this Fourth Meeting of Ministers Responsible for Public Security (MISPA) to follow up on the call upon governments to revise the orientation of drug policies that are being implemented in the Americas. This request for the governments took place during the 43rd Session of the OAS General Assembly which took place last June.

    Read the letter (PDF) and see the signatories

  7. medelln

    Carta abierta a los Ministras y Ministros responsables de la seguridad pública de las Américas

    25 November 2013
    Press release

    Las organizaciones defensoras de los derechos humanos firmantes, nos dirigimos a Ustedes en ocasión de esta IV Reunión de Ministros en Materia de Seguridad Pública de las Américas (MISPA) para dar seguimiento al llamado hecho a los gobiernos de la región en ocasión de la XLIII Asamblea General de la OEA del pasado mes de junio, de hacer una revisión de la orientación de las políticas de drogas que vienen llevándose adelante en las Américas.

    La carta en PDF con la lista de firmantes

  8. Corporate capture of UN climate talks

    08 November 2013
    Press release

    TNI and more than 135 groups internationally have condemned Poland and EU for facilitating a corporate takeover of UN climate talks starting 11 October in Warsaw.

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    FGG: Goede inzet Ploumen met brief maatschappelijk middenveld

    16 October 2013
    Press release

    De Fair, Green and Global Alliance ziet positieve punten in de brief die minister Ploumen van Handel en Hulp naar de Tweede Kamer heeft gestuurd over haar samenwerking met het ‘maatschappelijk middenveld’. Maar de FGG heeft ook kritiek. De brief wordt donderdag 17 oktober van 17.00 tot 19.00 besproken in het Algemeen Overleg van de commissie Buitenlandse Handel en Ontwikkelingssamenwerking. 

  10. quevivauruguay

    Summary of Drugs & Democracy Activities

    14 October 2013
    Press release

    On July 31st the House of Representatives of Uruguay voted in favour of the legal regulation of the domestic cannabis market, and in September the Obama administration decided not to challenge the state-level legalization of recreational marijuana use. For the global drug policy debate in general and on cannabis in particular, the 3rd quarter of this year marks an important moment in history when the change of course became irreversible. Other highlights include the appearance of the drugs issue on the agenda of the Colombian peace talks, the exploration of options for coca export markets and a possible lifting of the ban on kratom in Thailand.

  11. El documental ‘Las semillas de la discordia’ revela cómo los inversores extranjeros fomentan los acaparamientos de tierras

    09 October 2013
    Press release

    Hoy se ha presentado un impactante documental, ‘Las semillas de la discordia’, que llama la atención sobre el papel de una firma de inversiones sueca, un fondo de pensiones holandés y un fondo de gestión de patrimonio de la Iglesia de Noruega en el acaparamiento de tierras en Mozambique.

  12. EU-US trade deal will lead to a race to the bottom where only big business wins, warns new report

    04 October 2013
    Press release

    A report by the Seattle to Brussels Network demystifies the alleged economic benefits of the deal and exposes how it could harm people, the environment and the economy on both sides of the Atlantic.

  13. Seeds of discontent documentary unveils how foreign investors fuel land grabs

    01 October 2013
    Press release

    A powerful new documentary film “Seeds of discontent” was launched today that draws attention to the role of a Swedish investment firm, Dutch pension fund and Norwegian church endowment firm in land grabbing in Mozambique.

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    Citizens' groups demand an end to the impunity of transnational corporations through an International People’s Treaty

    05 September 2013
    Press release

    Civil society groups, trade unions, affected communities and MEP’s,  will gather at a conference in Brussels later this week to urge the EU to promote an International People’s Treaty & International Tribunal that regulates transnational corporations and investments for the public interest.  

  15. Legal Marijuana: Obama Administration Gives Green Light to Colorado and Washington

    Press release by WOLA
    29 August 2013
    Press release

    The U.S. Justice Department’s new guidance on federal marijuana enforcement priorities clears the way for Colorado and Washington state to pursue the legalized, regulatory approaches to marijuana that voters approved by wide margins in November 2012 ballot initiatives. This is a welcome step that provides an enormous opportunity for learning about how to improve our drug policies, according to the Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA).

  16. tni_wola2

    Uruguay steps forward with Marijuana legalisation vote

    03 August 2013
    Press release

    The bill will now be taken up in Uruguay’s Senate—where the governing Frente Amplio coalition also holds a majority—and could soon arrive on the desk of President José Mujica, who has supported the proposal since its introduction in 2012.

  17. Uruguay steps forward with Marijuana legalisation vote

    02 August 2013
    Press release

    The vote by Uruguay’s House of Representatives to legalize and regulate the country’s marijuana market represents a major step forward for the landmark reform effort.

  18. Un gran paso adelante en Uruguay

    01 August 2013
    Press release

    Washington, DC— El voto de ayer de la Cámara de Representantes de Uruguay para legalizar y regular el mercado de cannabis del país representa un gran avance para esta reforma monumental.

  19. tni_wola2

    Un gran paso adelante en Uruguay

    01 August 2013
    Press release

    El voto de ayer de la Cámara de Representantes de Uruguay para legalizar y regular el mercado de cannabis del país representa un gran avance para esta reforma monumental. El proyecto ahora irá al Senado de Uruguay—donde la coalición gobernante, Frente Amplio, también posee la mayoría—y podría llegar al escritorio de Presidente José Mujica, quien ha apoyado la propuesta desde su inicio en 2012, en el futuro próximo.