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  1. Reimagining Drug Policy in the Americas

    27 June 2014

    Latin America is now at the vanguard of international efforts to promote drug policy reform: Bolivia has rewritten its constitution to recognize the right to use the coca leaf for traditional and legal purposes, Uruguay has become the first nation in the world to adopt a legal, regulated Cannabis market, and Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, and Ecuador are openly critiquing the prevailing international drug control paradigm at the UN. And now with the United States itself relaxing its marijuana laws state by state, the U.S. prohibitionist drug war strategies are losing credibility in the region.


  2. Discurso del jefe de delegación de Uruguay, 43a Asamblea General de la OEA

    07 June 2013

    Señor Presidente, Cancilleres y Jefes de Delegación, señor Secretario General, señoras y señores, en primer lugar queremos expresar nuestro sincero agradecimiento al Gobierno y al pueblo de Guatemala por la cálida acogida y fraterna hospitalidad que nos están brindando esta tierra hermana. Queremos también Sr Presidente, felicitar y agradecer la forma en la que Ud esta presidiendo esta Asamblea, movilizando nuestras discusiones de forma tal que se expresen las diferencias pero que las mismas, lejos de separarnos, nos enriquezcan y alimenten el consenso. Una intervención de liderazgo de vuestra parte, que aplaudimos, y agradecemos.

  3. Land Grabbing in Latin America

    16 January 2013

    A special issue of the Canadian Journal of Development Studies introducing a previously under-explored geographic region into the emerging land grab literature. Available for free till end of May.

  4. A breakthrough in the making?

    • Amira Armenta, Pien Metaal, Martin Jelsma
    25 June 2012

    Remarkable drug policy developments are taking place in Latin America. This is not only at the level of political debate, but is also reflected in actual legislative changes in a number of countries. All in all there is an undeniable regional trend of moving away from the ‘war on drugs’. This briefing ex­plains the background to the opening of the drug policy debate in the region, summa­rises the most relevant aspects of the on­going drug law reforms in some countries, and makes a series of recommendations that could help to move the debate forward in a productive manner.