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    What’s missing from the climate talks? Justice!

    14 December 2007
    Press release
    Many social movements and groups that came together in Bali have agreed to establish a coalition called Climate Justice Now! with the aim of intensifying actions to prevent and respond to climate change.
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    ¿Abolir el consumo de la hoja de coca?

    Transnational Institute (TNI)
    05 March 2008
    Press release

    El Transnational Institute condena la decisión de la Junta Internacional de Fiscalización de Estupefacientes (JIFE) presentada en su informe anual publicado hoy, que llama a los países a ‘abolir o prohibir el mascado de la hoja de coca y la fabricación del mate de coca’.

    application-pdfDescarga el comunicado de prensa (PDF)

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    Abolishing Coca Leaf Consumption?

    Transnational Institute
    05 March 2008
    Press release

    The Transnational Institute condemns the decision by the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) in their 2007 annual report released today, which calls on countries to ‘abolish or prohibit coca leaf chewing and the manufacture of coca tea’.

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    Más verde, menos hormigón

    Susan George
    08 June 2008
    En lugar de mantener segura y limpia el agua que nos queda, estamos contaminándola masivamente.
  11. Out of ideas and out of touch

    09 March 2009
    Press release

    As political leaders from around the world gather in Vienna on 11-12 March to review the last decade of international drug control, and set a framework for the next ten years with the signing of a Political Declaration, any hopes for progress or a new pragmatism in approaches to the world drug problem are fading fast.

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    World Drug Day

    Drugs and Democracy
    26 June 2009
    Press release

    World Drug Day 2009

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