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  1. uruguay

    Global trendsetter? Uruguay moves to legalize marijuana

    31 July 2013
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    Uruguay has effectively sealed the passage of a groundbreaking marijuana legalization bill that puts production, distribution, and sale of the drug in the hands of the state, making it the first country ever to do so. After a 13-hour debate, politicians in the lower house of parliament voted late last night in favor of the controversial initiative, which is similar to laws approved last year in Colorado and Washington State. The upper house is expected to follow suit.

  2. francis-in-rio-with-police

    I disagree with Pope Francis: the War on Drugs should be ended

    Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith
    29 July 2013
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    No Catholic should contradict the Pope, and it is certainly not the job of Catholic theologian to tell the Pope that he is wrong. Nevertheless, I am on record as saying that I want all drugs, with no exceptions, to be legalised, regulated and taxed, whereas the Holy Father in Brazil, has this to say, as reported in the Guardian:

  3. Morocco considers the legalisation of marijuana cultivation

    28 July 2013
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    Legalisation of cannabis would allow farmers in Morocco to sell to the government for medicinal and industrial purposes rather than to drug traffickers. That could boost exports and help reduce a trade deficit that widened to a record 197 billion dirhams last year, about 23 per cent of gross domestic product. It could also help pacify inhabitants of a historically restive region.