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  1. Mixed feelings over new Swiss cannabis law

    30 September 2013
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    From October 1, 2013, an adult caught smoking cannabis in Switzerland can escape formal legal proceedings by paying a fine. Anyone over 18 caught in possession of up to ten grams of cannabis will receive a CHF100 ($110) fine and not have it put on their criminal record. Supporters of the revision, which was approved by parliament a year ago, argue that liberalising the legislation and shifting from criminal offence to misdemeanour is a realistic approach. (Loi fédérale sur les stupéfiants et les substances psychotropes)

  2. cannabis-cultivation-morocco

    Le Maroc songe à légaliser la culture du kif

    24 September 2013
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    Des associations et, désormais, de plus en plus de partis politiques marocains convergent vers un même objectif: changer la nature du kif dans le Rif. Une proposition de loi, en cours de rédaction, pourrait être débattue au Parlement de Rabat pour légaliser la culture du cannabis à des fins médicales et industrielles sur la base d'un document rédigé en 2012 intitulé "Appel pour l'instauration d'une politique juste et efficiente concernant la culture du kif et son usage".

  3. Jamaica lawmakers debate pot decriminalization

    23 September 2013
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    Lawmakers in Jamaica debated a proposal to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use by adults, where many islanders are expressing weariness with current drug policy. There is no bill drafted or vote scheduled, however, and various government administrations have talked about the issue for decades.

  4. cannabis-bust-britain

    Spliffs and butts

    20 September 2013
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    In 1952, Donald Macintosh Johnson, later the Conservative MP for Carlisle, published a study entitled “Indian Hemp: A Social Menace”. Even small doses of the drug could lead to violence and mental-health problems, he fretted. More than 60 years later, politicians from all Britain’s major parties are just as worried and resist legalisation. Yet the evidence in favour of making pot legal is as persuasive as ever.

  5. The strange politics behind a Berlin neighborhood's plan to legalize pot dealing

    18 September 2013
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    First Copenhagen, now Berlin. As a new wave of debate on Cannabis legalization sweeps across Northern Europe, the German capital has become the next city where pro- and anti-cannabis liberalization forces are going head to head. The Green Party's Monika Herrmann, who became mayor of the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg borough, announced that she wants to set up a coffeeshop selling cannabis. Using the word coffeeshop, perhaps shows up the current limits of the legalization lexicon, as Herrmann insists that what she has in mind will be nothing like the social hubs selling coffee and grass that Amsterdam is known for.

  6. marihuana-hojas

    Towards an International Drug Peace: A Perspective from Mexico

    Jorge Hernández Tinajero
    17 September 2013
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    Jorge Hernández Tinajero, president of Mexico City’s Collective for a Holistic Policy Towards Drugs (CUPIHD), shares an international perspective on the historic Senate hearings this week on marijuana law reform in this guest post.

  7. monika-herrmann

    Cannabis cafes could set up shop in Berlin

    15 September 2013
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    Legally buying a few grams of marijuana might soon become reality in Berlin. Kreuzberg district's new mayor, Monika Herrmann, has plans to open Germany's first cannabis coffee shop. She sees pot legalization as a means to tackle the growing drug problem in Kreuzberg's Görlitzer Park, which has developed into one of the city's central drug-dealing hubs. "If we want to gain control of the dealers and their products, we must manage the distribution," the Green-party politician said. (See also: Greens push weed legalization in park)

  8. Legal cannabis market 'would be worth £1.25bn a year to government'

    14 September 2013
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    Legalising and taxing cannabis could be worth as much as £1.25bn a year to the government, a study suggests. The report Licensing and regulation of the cannabis market in England and Wales: towards a cost-benefit analysis, quantifies the revenue to be gained from the regulation and taxation of the cannabis market in England and Wales. It estimates that reduced enforcement costs, such as police, court and prison time and community sentences, could save £300m or more alone, with the remaining three-quarters of the net benefit come from tax revenue.

  9. Lebanese government gives "blessed" hashish a break

    13 September 2013
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    The minister of interior Charbel promised to find solutions for cannabis farmers, including finding alternative crops. Talk about alternative crops has been around since the Taif Accord, which ended the civil war in Lebanon more than two decades ago. “The government had allocated 35 billion Lebanese pounds annually to aid the farmers, as part of a five-year project for alternative crops to hashish. Unfortunately, none of this has been put into practice.” Charbel finds the continued talk about alternative crops irritating, saying that it seems this will remain forever a pipe dream and spoke about legalizing the cultivation of hashish.

  10. The city of Utrecht wants to convince mentally ill marijuana users to smoke better pot

    12 September 2013
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    Thanks in part to the Netherlands' policy of marijuana decriminalization, there are people living in the Dutch city of Utrecht whose addiction to cannabis prevents them from getting effective treatment for mental illness. According to a September 10 statement from Utrecht Mayor Wolfsen, "There is a group of about eighty people with a chronic psychotic disorder who barely respond to their treatment. A possible explanation for this is their severe dependence [on] cannabis."

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    Legal marijuana: US defends decision not to challenge two states' laws

    12 September 2013
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    Deputy Attorney General James Cole told members of the Senate Judiciary Committee that federal prosecutors and agents are prepared to focus aggressive efforts on interstate and national enforcement of marijuana trafficking laws. “We are not giving immunity. We are not giving a free pass. We are not abdicating our responsibility,” Mr. Cole testified. (Statement of James M. Cole)

  12. uruguay-legalization

    Uruguay Marijuana Polls Good News for Regional Proponents

    Geoffrey Ramsey
    12 September 2013
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    While public opinion remains largely opposed to marijuana regulation in Uruguay, a new poll shows support for the bill is growing, especially among likely voters for the ruling FA coalition, which could be good news for countries hoping to follow Uruguay's drug policy example.

  13. cannabis

    Senate Hearings Reveal Marijuana Businesses May Get Banking

    09 September 2013
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    Today, the United States Senate did something for the first time in history. It held a hearing on how the federal government could draw a roadmap toward the decriminalization of recreational marijuana across the nation.

  14. mccain

    John McCain: ‘Maybe we should legalize’ pot

    Eric Pfeiffer
    09 September 2013
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    Drug war hawk John McCain is turning pot dove. McCain appears open to making a dramatic shift on marijuana policy, saying during a town-hall meeting in Arizona that he's open to potentially legalizing weed.