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  1. marihuana-hojas

    Towards an International Drug Peace: A Perspective from Mexico

    Jorge Hernández Tinajero
    17 September 2013
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    Jorge Hernández Tinajero, president of Mexico City’s Collective for a Holistic Policy Towards Drugs (CUPIHD), shares an international perspective on the historic Senate hearings this week on marijuana law reform in this guest post.

  2. cannabis

    Senate Hearings Reveal Marijuana Businesses May Get Banking

    09 September 2013
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    Today, the United States Senate did something for the first time in history. It held a hearing on how the federal government could draw a roadmap toward the decriminalization of recreational marijuana across the nation.

  3. mccain

    John McCain: ‘Maybe we should legalize’ pot

    Eric Pfeiffer
    09 September 2013
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    Drug war hawk John McCain is turning pot dove. McCain appears open to making a dramatic shift on marijuana policy, saying during a town-hall meeting in Arizona that he's open to potentially legalizing weed.

  4. us-marijuana

    Legal marijuana: US defends decision not to challenge two states' laws

    12 September 2013
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    Deputy Attorney General James Cole told members of the Senate Judiciary Committee that federal prosecutors and agents are prepared to focus aggressive efforts on interstate and national enforcement of marijuana trafficking laws. “We are not giving immunity. We are not giving a free pass. We are not abdicating our responsibility,” Mr. Cole testified. (Statement of James M. Cole)