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  1. cnd2013

    CND informal consensus rule tested in decriminalization standoff

    04 November 2013
    In the media

    Country delegations to the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) don’t usually vote on things… The protocol is that member states reach consensus on language and policy (often meaning that the final language reflects the lowest common denominator). Usually this diplomatic process works and delegates compromise. However, at the most recent inter-sessional meeting of the CND on 5th November, some delegates drew “red lines” and staked out non-negotiable positions on key issues.

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    Under TPPA warning labels can attract billion-dollar suits

    Alyaa Azhar
    07 November 2013
    In the media

    This is based on the experience faced by Uruguay and Australia which were sued billions of dollars by international tobacco company Philip Morris.

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    TPPA arbitration a ‘ticking time bomb’ for taxpayers, trade and law experts warn

    Melissa Chi
    07 November 2013
    In the media

    The financial fallout facing taxpayers that could hit Malaysia in a potential trade dispute with foreign investors far outweigh the economic benefits posed by the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA), three international trade and law experts cautioned today.

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    Wat we kunnen leren van 'cannabisstaat' Colorado

    05 November 2013
    In the media

    Coffeeshops in Haarlem krijgen vandaag een speciaal keurmerk. Daarmee kun je aan de buitenkant zien dat een shop in orde is. Een nobel initiatief, maar wel één die zich richt op problemen aan de voordeur, zeggen experts. Hoe zit het met de achterdeur van coffeeshops? De roep om een transparante cannabisketen klinkt steeds luider.

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    Why sign an agreement allowing foreigners to sue, foreigners to adjudicate?

    Eileen Ng
    07 November 2013
    In the media

    International trade and law experts have urged Putrajaya to scrap the Investor-State Dispute Settlements (ISDS) provision in the contentious Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA), which Malaysia is supposed to sign.

  6. People

    11 November 2013

    Who we are.