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  1. norman-baker

    Drugs minister refuses to rule out legalisation of cannabis

    25 November 2013
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    The new Liberal Democrat minister responsible for drugs policy, Norman Baker, has refused to rule out a policy of legalising cannabis but said that it is not his prime objective in the job. "I think it needs to be considered along with everything else. It is not my prime objective and I am not advocating it at the moment. We should be prepared to follow the evidence and see where it takes us," he said.

  2. smoking-joints

    Legalising drugs would be the perfect Tory policy

    19 February 2013
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    A new poll out today by the campaign group Transform finds a majority now favour permitting cannabis use, while four in 10 Britons favour total decriminalisation and more than two-thirds favour a comprehensive review of all drug policies. Support cuts across political divisions and embraces readers of all papers. Current policies are staggeringly wasteful of taxpayers' cash. A report last year found more than £65bn spent globally each year on enforcement.