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    Repairing the weakest links: a new agenda for fragile states

    • David Sogge
    27 October 2009

    In order for fragile states and the concept of state weakness to be properly understood, they need to be considered in the contexts of political economy and world history. Four apparently disparate cases – Guatemala, Haiti, Kosovo and Angola – show surprising similarities, and highlight common lessons for international state-building efforts.

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    Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs)

    11 June 2007
    Policy briefing

    This paper highlights the negative effects of liberalisation of trade and investment within weaker economies and, in particular, how EU trade agreements undermine existing efforts towards developmental integration in ACP regions.

  3. Rethinking Corporatization and Public Services in the Global South

    16 March 2015

    After three decades of privatization and anti-state rhetoric, government ownership and public management are back in vogue.

  4. Servicios públicos en el Sur Global: Mirada crítica a nuevas formas de gestión

    • David A. McDonald
    24 March 2015

    Después de tres décadas de privatizaciones y demonización del papel del Estado, la gestión pública ha vuelto al primer plano, estableciendo nuevas formas que combinan la propiedad total del Estado con cierto grado de autonomía.

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    Give and Take

    • David Sogge
    30 April 2002
    Foreign aid is supposed to be benign and selfless, yet often harms more than it helps, and benefits givers more than receivers. This thoughtful book argues that aid must be made less of a problem, more of a solution.
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    The Democratisation of Disempowerment

    • Jochen Hippler
    01 October 1995
    The market-oriented democratisation of the Third World has been developed by Western powers as a policy that fuses both democratic rhetoric and support for more pluralist policies in the Third World, with the pursuit of Western interests.
  7. El nuevo saqueo de África

    • David Fig
    06 February 2015
    Policy briefing

    El actual saqueo en África es una reedición de las tradicionales relaciones imperialistas queel continente experimentó durante el colonialismo. Pero, ¿cuáles son las diferencias entre el pasado y el presente? ¿Quién detenta el poder en último término?

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    Global Inequalities, Alternative Regionalism and the Future of Socialism

    • Tom Reifer
    30 August 2011

    This paper examines global inequalities and the future of capitalism and socialism through an investigation of the oligarchic wealth on which the current global order is based and also looks at growing challenges to these social foundations of the present global system.

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    African political unity must be more selective: A blueprint for change

    • William Gumede
    22 September 2011

    There cannot be any clearer illustration of the impotence of Africa’s continental and regional institutions to find local solutions to the continent’s problems, than their numbing inaction in the face of the wave of popular rebellions against dictators in North Africa sweeping across the continent.

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    Failure of water privatisation in Tanzania

    Mussa Billegeya
    10 March 2010

    After the failure of water privatisation in Tanzanian capital Dar es Salaam water services have been reclaimed back in to public hands.

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    “La UE dice: firmad o se acaba la ayuda”

    Dot Keet
    27 October 2009

    Lo último que deberían hacer los países en desarollo es atarse a acuerdos de larga duración como los Acuerdos de Asociación Económica.

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    Walden Bello: Structural Adjustment Programmes dictated by the IMF and World Bank destroyed African agriculture

    Ama Biney
    22 September 2009
    In the media
    How is it possible that in the 21st century the world has the capacity to feed every single human being on the planet, yet the majority of people in Africa and the rest of the Global South go rampantly hungry?
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    Zimbabwe’s ”look east” policy: a poisoned chalice?

    Senator Obert Gutu
    08 December 2009
    In the media

    China, as one of the world’s fastest growing economies, has a voracious appetite for Africa’s vast and in some cases, untapped natural resources.

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    The Growing Importance of Africa to China

    07 May 2013
    In the media

    Currently Africa, and primarily the countries of Angola, Nigeria, and the Sudan, provides 25% of China’s petroleum imports.

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    Where are the EPA Impact Assessments

    Moyiga Nduru
    10 May 2007
    In the media
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    Angola: The Client Who Came in from the Cold

    David Sogge
    01 October 2000
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    Aid =/= Help

    David Sogge
    01 November 2005
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    Angola: Global "Good Governance" Also Needed

    David Sogge
    01 June 2006
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    Crises of the middle east: 1914, 1967, 2003

    Fred Halliday
    21 June 2007