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  1. Peoples Agreement

    28 April 2010

    Final declaration of the World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth (Cochabamba, 19-22 April 2010).

  2. Acuerdo de los Pueblos

    23 April 2010

    Declaración final de la Conferencia Mundial de los Pueblos sobre el Cambio Climático y los Derechos de la Madre Tierra (Cochabamba, 19-22 de abril de 2010).

  3. La justicia climática como reto social y político

    Tom Kucharz
    21 April 2010

    Para frenar el cambio climático se necesita una transición a modelos políticos y económicos solidarios, justos, igualitarios y basados en la armonía con el medio ambiente.

  4. La Conferencia Mundial de los Pueblos sobre Cambio Climático llega al mundo

    19 April 2010

    Arranca en Bolivia una histórica conferencia de los pueblos sobre cambio climático a la que se espera que asistan miles de personas de más de 120 países. Se prevé que participen muchas más a través de internet en

  5. People’s climate conference comes to the world

    19 April 2010

    An historic peoples’ conference on climate change opens in Bolivia with an expected attendance of thousands of people from more than 120 countries. Many more people are expected to participate via the Internet

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    Australia’s Climate Action Summit

    Walden Bello
    31 March 2010

    Walden Bello talks about the climate change from the developing countries’ perspective at Australia's Climate Action Summit

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    The great nuclear folly

    Praful Bidwai
    22 March 2010

    India's Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage Bill represents capitulation to US and Indian corporate pressure, and a retreat from the state's responsibility to protect citizens against hazards.

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    Ten key questions on climate change

    David Fig
    18 March 2010

    Climate change is a political and scientific conundrum. From the denialism of the George Bush era to the neo-liberal imperatives of carbon trading, the subject is confusing, and an activist agenda is sometimes a navigational minefield.