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  1. Time to be honest

    Tim DeChristopher
    02 June 2011

    A US activist caused consternation among oil executives when he wrecked an auction of oil and gas leases in Utah in November 2008. Now he is causing an even bigger stir in the environmental movement.

  2. Voices from the World Social Forum

    Susan George
    08 February 2011

    Although initiated as a counter-forum to Davos, the World Social Forum has evolved beyond it now, focusing on the root causes of problems facing humanity and developing real alternatives as solutions.

  3. President Dilma: Let Brazil set an example for a new ecological economy

    Marcos Arruda
    25 January 2011

    President Dilma Roussef has the mandate and responsibility to forge a new development path: one based on participatory planning, a social market and environmental sustainability.

  4. Pachakuti: Indigenous perspectives, degrowth and ecosocialism

    Bob Thomson
    22 October 2010

    We have to talk to, learn from and support the indigenous movements which have inserted ecosocialist and degrowth like concepts into the formal constitutions, as in the states of Bolivia and Ecuadorian.

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    Susan George: Leurs crises, nos solutions

    Susan George
    02 July 2010

    La 'classe de Davos' constitue un monde où la finance détermine l'économique qui détermine le social. Il faut inverser l'ordre des priorités.

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    Servicio público

    Margarita Rivière
    21 June 2010
    In the media

    Nuestras sociedades están tensionadas al máximo en el sentido financiero, económico, social y ecológico, y no disponemos de amortiguadores

  7. Peoples Conference model of inclusion offers only path forward on climate change

    14 May 2010

    The Peoples' conference on climate change showed that a global movement, much larger than anyone imagined and with firm proposals, has coalesced and gathered strength

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    ¡Justicia climática ahora! ¡No a las ilusiones neoliberales, sí a las soluciones de los pueblos!

    01 February 2009
    Declaración de la Asamblea por la Justicia Climática, Belém, Brasil.