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  1. For A European Spring

    14 February 2013

    TNI is joining hundreds of organisations to call for a 'European Spring' against austerity and anti-democratic EU policies. The call for action seeks to put pressure on the EU Council Spring summit that meets in Brussels on 14-15 March 2013.

  2. Joint Statement: Binding International Instrument

    10 December 2013

    Call for an international legally binding instrument on human rights, transnational corporations and other business enterprises

  3. Grounding of Bolivian presidential jet and treatment of Snowden shames European Union

    05 July 2013

    Over 50 international lawyers, human rights, civil rights and civil society groups and networks say the actions of certain EU member states in response to Snowden's revelations contradict the EU’s stated commitment to democracy, human rights and international law.

  4. Uruguay postpones vote on 'state as dealer' approach to drug regulation - but not for long?

    Sara Miller Llana
    02 January 2013
    In the media

    Uruguay has been on the vanguard of drug policy reform in the Americas, proposing a state regulatory market for the cultivation and consumption of marijuana. President Mujica always said he wouldn't push the proposal if a majority of Uruguayans didn't accept it. But few think this postponement means the project is forever shelved.

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    Free Trade and Workers’ Rights in Colombia: “Peace” the European Way

    21 January 2013
    In the media

    The EU spends ten times as much on subsidies to its producers than do their Colombian counterparts, and mainly produces dairy products such as whey, while Colombia’s chief export is simply milk.

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    De gevaren van extreme rijkdom

    Thea Mathues
    11 February 2013
    In the media

    Wie heerst er over de planeet in tijden van economische en ecologische crisis? Het Transnational Institute (TNI), een wereldwijde coalitie van wetenschapsactivisten, maakt jaarlijks een stand van zaken op.

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    Corporations, investors 'grabbing' land and water overseas

    12 February 2013
    In the media

    There is little international policing of land deals resulting in local farmers being forced off lands and deeper into poverty.

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    Towards a ceasefire

    07 March 2013
    In the media

    Experiments in legalisation are showing what a post-war approach to drug control could look like

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    Mexico's meest gezochte drugsbaas opgepakt

    Harmen Simon Teunis
    16 July 2013
    In the media

    In het noorden van Mexico is Miguel Angel Treviño Morales, het hoofd van het beruchte Zetas drugskartel, opgepakt. In zijn auto zijn acht wapens en 2 miljoen dollar aan contanten gevonden.

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    Grounding of Bolivian presidential jet shames EU

    10 July 2013
    In the media

    The grounding of a Bolivian presidential jet in an attempt to 'render' whistleblower Edward Snowden has shamed the European Union, say three European organisations.

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    Hands off Syria

    Tomasz Pierscionek
    23 June 2013
    In the media

    A recent front-page headline in the London Evening Standard declared: "Cameron: We must act over Syria gas attacks."

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    Myanmar's fragile peace

    12 April 2013
    In the media

    The success of the country’s transition hinges on peace negotiations with multiple armed ethnic groups. Tom Kramer comments.

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    Burma Army ‘mark’ KNU registered farmlands

    Naw Hser Kler (KIC)
    26 July 2013
    In the media

    Villagers in Htantabin Township witnessed the Burma Army putting up placards claiming their land that was confiscated under the former military regime.

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    The KNU land policy to go to the Burma government

    S'Phan Shaung (KIC)
    30 July 2013
    In the media

    In an effort to protect lands that were confiscated or stolen for recent development projects and business development in Karen State, the Karen National Union is working on a land policy that will then be proposed to the Burma government.

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    Confidence crisis: discontent in Europe

    05 August 2013
    In the media

    "There is a disbelief in the political structures that are in place because they don’t represent the real needs of the population."

  16. Nederland wietland ingehaald door Uruguay

    01 August 2013
    In the media

    Wij hebben het er al jaren over, Uruguay doet 't gewoon: wiet wordt er legaal.

  17. Global trendsetter? Uruguay moves to legalize marijuana.

    Jonathan Gilbert
    01 August 2013
    In the media

    Marijuana legalization: Uruguay's lower house of parliament set a global first last night by voting to give the state control of marijuana production, distribution, and sales.

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    Legalization of marijuana seeks to protect teens and minor addicts from addiction

    01 August 2013
    In the media

    Uruguay's House of Representatives has passed a bill to legalize marijuana by 50 of the 96 MPs following 13 hours of tough debates.

  19. Uruguay poised to legalize marijuana: Is this the right way forward?

    02 August 2013
    In the media

    'It is "definitely not the same as liberalising the market." This," he continued, "is a very strictly controlled regulation model, it doesn't increase access to cannabis, but instead restricts it."

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    France and Spain take military spending in opposite directions

    02 August 2013
    In the media

    Military spending in France and Spain grabbed the spotlight this week in the latest act of the euro crisis.