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    An Assassination, A Failure to Act, A Painful Parallel

    John Dinges, Peter Kornbluh
    22 September 2002
    Recently disclosed US State Department and CIA records cast a new light on the Letelier assassination, revealing that the US had extensive awareness of a secret assassination operation and suggesting that US officials called off actions that might have stopped it.
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    Geopolitics, Globalization and Alternative Regionalisms

    Thomas E. Reifer
    01 September 2002
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    The ASEM Regime and its Participants' Interests

    Sebastian Bersick
    01 September 2002
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    East Asia's Future

    Walden Bello
    01 September 2002
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    Arms are not Tomatoes

    Martin Broek
    01 September 2002
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    Who Controls EU Trade and Investment?

    Olivier Hoedeman
    01 September 2002
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    European Water Corporations and the Privatization of Asian Water Resources

    Charles Santiago, Monitoring Sustainability of Globalization (MSN), Malaysia
    01 September 2002
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    Flexibility of treaty provisions

    • UNODC Legal Affairs Section
    30 September 2002

    In a confidential and authoritative memorandum to the INCB, UNODC legal experts argue that most harm reduction measures are in fact acceptable under the conventions. According to the Legal Affairs Section "it could easily be argued that the Guiding Principles of Drug Demand Reduction provide a clear mandate for the institution of harm reduction policies that, respecting cultural and gender differences, provide for a more supportive environment for drug users."

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    Flexibilidad en las disposiciones de los tratados

    • Sección de Asuntos Legales de la ONUDD
    30 September 2002

    En un categórico memorando confidencial dirigido a la JIFE, expertos legales de la ONUDD aducen que la mayoría de las medidas para la reducción del daño se ajustaría a las convenciones. Según la Sección de Asuntos Legales: “Se podría argüir fácilmente que los principios rectores de la reducción de la demanda de drogas proveen un mandato claro para la institución de políticas de reducción del daño, que, respetando las diferencias culturales y de género, ofrecen un entorno de mayor apoyo a los consumidores de drogas”.

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