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  1. About TNI-BCN Burma Project

    09 November 2010

    Addressing the needs of ethnic nationalities to support peace, development and democracy in Burma

  2. Stories of success

    17 September 2010
  3. Research at TNI

    17 September 2010

    TNI is known for its rigorous standards of research and high levels of expertise and its commitment to produce analysis that can assist our mission of achieving social and environmental justice. Our briefings and reports are appreciated by activists and policy-makers alike for their systemic analysis, visionary alternatives and pragmatic proposals.

  4. Partnerships

    17 September 2010

    Working in partnership is how TNI works. TNI believes that social transformation is only achieved by building partnerships, particularly with social movements actively combatting injustice and constructing alternatives. In a world in which predominant economic policies harm the majority while entrenching the power of a small few, forging collaboration and cooperation and building collective power is the first step to achieving a more just world.

  5. Annual Reports

    17 July 2010
  6. Bolivia

    15 June 2010
  7. About Myanmar in Focus

    20 May 2010

    TNI's Myanmar in Focus project strengthens (ethnic) civil society and political actors to deal with the challenges brought about by the rapid opening-up of the country, while also working to bring about an inclusive and sustainable peace. TNI has developed a unique expertise on Myanmar’s ethnic regions, and through its programme is bringing the whole Institute’s work on agrarian justice, alternative development and a humane drugs policy together.

  8. TNI-BCN Burma Project: Publications

    20 May 2010

    Publications produced by and related to the TNI-BCN Burma Project

  9. Ecuador

    18 May 2010
  10. Financiación

    27 April 2010

    En 2018, el TNI obtuvo la máxima calificación de cinco estrellas de Transparify. La calificación acredita que el TNI es “muy transparente” sobre sus fuentes de financiación, muestra a todos sus donantes e identifica claramente las sumas y las fuentes de financiación de proyectos determinados.

    Para más detalles sobre la financiación del TNI, véanse los informes financieros auditados y la lista de principales financiadores (abajo) o el apartado dedicado a las finanzas del Informe anual.

  11. Thanks for subscribing

    03 April 2010

    Thank you for signing up.


  12. TNI/WOLA Drug Law Reform Project

    16 February 2010

    "Promoting a more effective and humane drug policy in Latin America" 

  13. About Agrarian & Environmental Justice

    30 January 2010

    TNI’s Agrarian Justice project brings together research and analysis on the collective struggles of rural working people to democratise access, ownership, and control of land, water and other natural resources. It works closely in alliance with local, national and global alliances of small-scale farmers, fisherfolk and marginalised rural working people.

  14. Sobre Myanmar in Focus

    01 January 2010

    El proyecto Myanmar in Focus del TNI trabaja para fortalecer a la sociedad civil (étnica) y a los diversos actores políticos de forma que puedan hacer frente a los desafíos que plantea la rápida apertura del país, al tiempo que aboga por lograr una paz inclusiva y sostenible. El TNI ha creado una base de conocimientos única sobre las regiones étnicas de Mynamar y, a través de este proyecto, reúne bajo un mismo marco todo el trabajo del Instituto en materia de justicia agraria, desarrollo alternativo y políticas de drogas humanas.

  15. Drug law Reform in Latin America

    01 January 2010

    A list of drug law reform information by country in Latin America

  16. Reforma de las leyes de drogas en América Latina

    01 January 2010

    Información por países de la reforma de las leyes de drogas en América Latina.