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  1. Free Trade Agreements (FTAs)

    01 January 2015
  2. A woman attends her produce post in a market in zone 3, Guatemala City.

    Trade & Investment Alternatives

    01 January 2015

    The Alternative Trade Mandate Alliance is an alliance of currently almost 50 organisations, developing an alternative vision of European trade policy that puts people and planet before big business.

  3. Protest Berlin, Trudeau visit  in Berlin 17 Feb 2017


    01 January 2015

    The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) is a proposed free trade agreement between Canada and the European Union. The negotiations for CETA concluded on August 1, 2014, but its completion and ratification is expected to take at least two years, due to the number of parties involved. Many sections of the agreement have been severely criticised, in particular its Investor-State Dispute Settlement processes (ISDS) and its likely negative implications for the environment.

  4. A TTIP Resolution for People, the Environment and Democracy

    02 March 2015

    For a TTIP resolution that puts people, the environment and democracy before short-term profit and disproportionate corporate rights. 375 civil society organisations from across Europe call on EU decision-makers to protect citizens, workers, and the environment from the threats it poses.

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    MEPs must protect public from EU-US trade deal threat

    02 March 2015
    Press release

    As the European Parliament drafts its opinion on the controversial TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) talks, 375 civil society organisations from across Europe have called on EU decision-makers to protect citizens, workers, and the environment from the threats it poses.

  6. Socialising Losses, Privatising Gains

    • Pietje Vervest, Hilde van der Pas, Roos van Os, Roeline Knottnerus
    27 January 2015

    Dutch investment treaties (BITs) are frequently used by foreign companies to sue governments in the North and South for policies that might harm their future profits. 75% of these cases were brought by mailbox companies with no real economic substance in the Netherlands, making use of the vast web of Dutch BITs and the rights and protection given to foreign investors.

  7. Law’s Empire of Austerity

    • Ioannis Glinavos
    03 February 2015

    The neoliberal free market has been 'constitutionalised' through law in Europe and elsewhere as a way to prevent challenges to financial and corporate power. The new technocracy put in place poses a serious danger to  democracy and freedom.

  8. International Investment Agreements Under Scrutiny

    04 March 2015

    Citizens and policy makers around the world are increasingly questioning the trade agreement system, especially the investor-state dispute settlement mechanism (ISDS) that enables foreign investors to bypass the legal system of host states and sue governments before private tribunals for any policy, democratically passed law, or judgment of a court that adversely affects them.

  9. TTIP Why the Rest of the World should Beware

    • Manuel Pérez-Rocha
    03 June 2015

    Why should human rights, environmental and consumer advocate organizations all over the world that are working toward a world different from the corporate-led neoliberal dogma, pay special attention to TTIP?

  10. Lawyers subverting the public interest

    • Cecilia Olivet, Pietje Vervest, Pia Eberhardt, Fabian Flues
    15 April 2015
    Policy briefing

    In response to growing public criticism of international investment law, a new lobby group has emerged, EFILA, seeking to influence European officials. This briefing exposes how EFILA represents an attempt by the arbitration industry to fend off much-needed reforms in order to protect a highly lucrative business.

  11. Central and Eastern European countries at the crossroads

    • Pietje Vervest, Cecilia Olivet
    26 June 2015

    Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries find themselves at a crossroad regarding their investment protection policies with the US. This briefing provides evidence that shows that including investment arbitration in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) will worsen the capacity for CEE governments to regulate.

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    Corporations have rights. Now we need a global treaty on their responsibilities

    Salil Shetty
    21 January 2015
    In the media

    The Guardian - In a world of global trade, the only effective way to tackle the corporate abuse of human rights is a binding international law

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    Multinationals en hun miljoenenclaims tegen ontwikkelingslanden

    Frank Mulder
    30 January 2015
    In the media

    Mondiaal Nieuws -Nederlandse bilaterale verdragen spelen een sleutelrol in de zaken die multinationals aanspannen tegen ontwikkelingslanden, wanneer ze menen last te hebben van nieuwe regelgeving. Meer dan 10 procent van alle bekende claims zijn gebaseerd op een Nederlands verdrag, en daarvan is driekwart ingediend door firma's die alleen met hun brievenbus in Nederland gevestigd zijn.

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    Lobbyisten voedingsindustrie smullen van TTIP

    Mitchell van de Klundert
    04 February 2015
    In the media

    De voedingsindustrie levert veruit de meeste lobbyisten voor TTIP, het aankomende handelsverdrag tussen Europa en de Verenigde staten. FTM ging naar Brussel om te praten met critici van TTIP en om te onderzoeken welke invloed dit verdrag gaat hebben op de machtige agrifoodsector.

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    'Arbitragerechtspraak TTIP is een miljardenbusiness'

    04 March 2015
    In the media

    RTL Z - Clausules in handelverdragen die buitenlandse bedrijven toegang geven tot een arbitragetribunaal vormen een serieuze bedreiging voor de democratie. Het handelsverdrag (TTIP) dat in de maak is tussen de Verenigde Staten en Europa moet afzien van zo’n bepaling, vindt de Canadese hoogleraar Gus Van Harten.

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    Steeds meer ontwikkelingslanden willen nieuw investeringsbeleid

    Frank Mulder
    04 March 2015
    In the media

    Mondiaal nieuws - Steeds meer ontwikkelingslanden herzien hun investeringsbeleid en willen nieuwe verdragen. Het is de vraag of de Europese plannen voor een nieuw model iets wezenlijk veranderen.

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    Waarover gaat het grote #TTIPdebat?

    Mitcel van de Klundert
    17 April 2015
    In the media

    Follow the Money - Vanavond is er een publieksdebat over vragen als: Gaat TTIP ons economische groei en meer banen opleveren? En: is TTIP een bedreiging voor onze democratie?

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    Lobby-Orgaan voor Internationale Arbitrage is Rood-Wit-Blauw gekleurd

    Mitchell van de Klundert
    16 April 2015
    In the media

    Follow the Money - Een arbitrage-expert van het Nederlandse advocatenkantoor Nauta Dutilh gaf de aanzet tot de internationale advocatenlobbyclub EFILA, om de omstreden arbitrageclausule ISDS in oorspronkelijke vorm te behouden als onderdeel van handelsverdrag TTIP.

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    #TTIPalarm: ‘mensen boven multinationals’

    17 April 2015
    In the media - Twitteraars zetten zich massaal in tegen het TTIP handelsverdrag met de hashtag #TTIPalarm. Maandag 20 april start in Washington de negende onderhandelingsronde over het handelsverdrag en Twitteraars willen dat het tegengeluid gehoord wordt. Het alarm is een initiatief van Milieudefensie, Both ENDS, SOMO, Transnational Institute en TNI.

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    Nederland in de bres voor ‘onacceptabel’ onderdeel in handelsverdrag TTIP

    06 March 2015
    In the media

    Follow the money - Nederland steunt een ‘onacceptabel’ onderdeel van het controversiële handelsverdrag TTIP. Een Q&A sessie met deskundige Gus Van Harten over het gevaar voor Nederland.