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    Iran report

    Phyllis Bennis
    07 December 2007
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    The Second Nuclear Age

    • Achin Vanaik
    13 March 2007
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    H-bomb or a fizzle?

    Praful Bidwai
    08 September 2009
    The claim that the May 1998 thermonuclear test failed should not be used to demand further testing. India does not need hydrogen bombs for security
  7. Obama’s Nuclear Postures

    Zia Mian
    19 July 2010

    The latest US government nuclear review shows that Obama's nuclear policy - rhetoric aside - is no different to previous administrations, seeking to retain nuclear weapons for the indefinite future and accepting scant constraint on how these weapons might be used.

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    A New Cold War or Dangerous Multipolarity?

    Mariano Aguirre
    30 May 2007
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    Nuclear hubris

    Praful Bidwai
    23 September 2008
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    How not to handle nuclear security

    Zia Mian
    18 December 2007
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    Completing the 1991 agenda

    Praful Bidwai
    30 July 2008
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    A final document without finality: The NPT review outcome

    07 June 2010
    Press release

    The 5-year review conference of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty ended with more of a whimper than a bang.

  13. The Issue of Nuclear Terrorism

    Achin Vanaik
    29 April 2010

    The hyped up discourse at this month's nuclear summit centred on preventing the transfer of nuclear weapons to non-state actors or “irresponsible” state actors, thus skirting away from the primary problem – that of state terrorism in both its nuclear and non-nuclear forms.

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    Nuclear Deal Headed for Fiasco

    Praful Bidwai
    28 August 2008
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    India Split Over US Nuke Deal

    Praful Bidwai
    19 December 2006
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    Sinking billions into nuclear weapons

    Praful Bidwai
    03 August 2009
    India's nuclear weapons pursuit is leading to a runaway increase in arms spending, in which its adversaries become the decision maker.
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    Nuclear waiver - blow to non-proliferation

    Praful Bidwai
    08 September 2008
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    Nuke Deal: New Alignments In The Offing

    Praful Bidwai
    06 September 2007
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    On the Issue of Nuclear Terrorism

    • Achin Vanaik
    12 March 2014

    It is time for a closer look at the self-serving claim by nuclear weapons states that one of the greatest dangers is that of nuclear weapons being built or falling into the hands of ‘terrorist groups’.

  20. Achin Vanaik


    A TNI Fellow since 1987, Achin Vanaik is a Retired Professor of International Relations and former Head of Department of Political Science at the University of Delhi, and a life-long activist for nuclear disarmament. He is active member in the Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace (India), and in the Indian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel working to pressure...