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    Post Globalization Initiative


    Post-globalization initiative was first discussed at meetings between experts and activists at World Social Forum in Tunis in March 2013. Preparation for G-20 Counter-Summit in St. Petersburg scheduled for September same year became an opportunity to form a coalition of movements, non-governmental organizations, labour unions and individuals which are brought together not only by the common...

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    Forum Droghe

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    Association DIOGENIS


    The Association DIOGENIS is a non-profit organisation whose main objective is to promote drug policy dialogue in Southeast Europe. DIOGENIS promotes the cooperation of NGOs in the Balkan countries and seeks cooperation with scientists, research institutions and bodies responsible for the policy on drugs

  4. The Research Consortium on Drugs and the Law (CEDD)


    The CEDD was created in the context of the growing evidence that international policies on drug control have not decreased drug use, have not stopped the cultivation of crops for illicit markets, and have not reduced drug trafficking. The effects of drug laws fall disproportionately on the most vulnerable and disadvantaged peoples, and have the undesired consequence of overwhelming the criminal...

  5. Iniciativas en Estudios Agrarios Críticos (ICAS)


    Iniciativas en Estudios Agrarios Críticos (ICAS) es una comunidad de académicos, profesionales del desarrollo y activistas de diferentes partes del mundo que trabajan sobre cuestiones agrarias. ICAS tiene su base en el Instituto Internacional de Estudios Sociales (ISS) de La Haya, Países Bajos.