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  1. Morocco: Istiqlal party proposes first draft law to legalize cannabis

    28 December 2013
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    According to La Vie Eco, the Istiqlal Party has recently proposed a draft law to decriminalize and regulate the cultivation of cannabis for medical and pharmaceutical ends. The Istiqlal Party thus becomes the first party to take this issue to the parliament. The objective is to delimit the cultivation of cannabis to certain regions, namely Al Hoceima, Chaouen, Tétouan, Ouezzane and Taounate. Beyond these regions, the cultivation of this plant will be prohibited.

  2. What do Israelis want? Pot! When do they want it? Now!

    22 December 2013
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    An estimated 1,000 Israelis attended a rally in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square on Saturday night to support the legalization of marijuana. As the crowd chanted phrases like "The people demand legal marijuana," the speakers at the rally sought to frame pot smoking as part of Israel’s national culture, as a unifying factor among the country’s disparate groups and even as a security issue. Medical marijuana, which is hard for patients to receive permission to access, was central to the rally. (See also: Cabinet approves Health Ministry rules on medical marijuana)

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    El 74% de los uruguayos está a favor de la venta de marihuana con fines medicinales

    05 December 2013
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    El 74% de los uruguayos está a favor de que sea legal la venta de marihuana si el fin es medicinal. La cifra es el resultado de una encuesta realizada por Equipos Mori encargada por la agrupación pro regulación de la venta de marihuana llamada Regulación Responsable. El resultado contrasta con la misma encuesta ante la consulta sobre el grado de acuerdo con el proyecto de regularización de la marihuana, que dio un 27% de personas "de acuerdo" y un 58% de personas en desacuerdo. (Véase también: Gobierno lanza campaña contra marihuana y alcohol)

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    Moroccan party holds hearing for legalizing marijuana crops

    04 December 2013
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    One of Morocco’s main political parties, the Party for Authenticity and Modernity (PAM), established by a close adviser to the king, started the process of legalizing marijuana cultivation with a hearing in parliament over its industrial and medical uses. The hearing is the first step in eventually introducing a draft law, aiming to help small farmers who survive on the crop but live at the mercy of drug lords and eradication by police. "We are not seeking to legalize the production of drugs, but to search for possible medical and industrial uses of this plant and create an alternative economy in the region," said Milouda Hazib. (See also: Morocco lawmakers stoke cannabis debate)

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    Israel seeks to tighten medical marijuana regulations

    03 December 2013
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    Israel's Health Ministry has expressed opposition to granting general practitioners the right to prescribe medical marijuana. Instead, the ministry will certify 10 doctors during the first half of 2014, allowing them to prescribe medicinal marijuana to the growing number of patients who currently use it. These 10, newly certified doctors will join the 20 doctors currently permitted by the Health Ministry to prescribe the drug.

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    Grupo parlamentario marroquí debate por primera vez legalización de cannabis

    03 December 2013
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    El Partido Autenticidad y Modernidad (PAM, opositor) organizó en la sede legislativa de Rabat un debate inédito en el que se propuso la legalización para usos terapéuticos e industriales de la planta del kif o cannabis, de la que se extrae el hachís y que cuenta en Marruecos con una de las mayores superficies del mundo. En una jornada de estudios, parlamentarios de distintos partidos, activistas de la sociedad civil y expertos del sector coincidieron en la necesidad de regularizar la plantación y uso del kif, que ocupa una superficie de 47.000 hectáreas, según los últimos datos oficiales.

  7. Local medical marijuana firm to open next week

    30 November 2013
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    History is expected to be created next week when Jamaica's first medical marijuana company, which is intended to be instrumental in extracting the medicinal value from the addictive elements of ganja, comes into being. Internationally renowned Jamaican scientist Professor Henry Lowe, the brainchild behind the initiative, has high hopes for the use of medical marijuana in Jamaica.

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    Marruecos debate legalizar el cannabis

    20 November 2013
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    "Hay que sacar a los agricultores de ese círculo de tráfico y mafia", explica Chakib el Khayari, miembro del Colectivo marroquí por el uso médico e industrial del quif. Su asociación, con base en Nador, ha presentado a los parlamentarios marroquíes un proyecto para cambiar la ley de 1954 (cuando Marruecos todavía no se había independizado), que prohíbe su cultivo y consumo. Se trata de autorizar la cultura del quif evitando su transformación en droga.

  9. Czechs can’t access medical marijuana half year after legalization

    14 November 2013
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    The Czech Republic’s parliament legalized medical marijuana this year by an overwhelming majority, with the law becoming effective April 1. But some 20,000 patients who are estimated to be eligible for cannabis treatment have no chance to get it legally — although so far police have largely ignored renegade growers who technically would face prison. Patients and medical experts blame interference by the Health Ministry, which has long fiercely opposed legalizing medical marijuana.

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    Drugs legislation is hampering clinical research, warns David Nutt

    03 November 2013
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    The UK's drug laws are preventing scientists from carrying out vital research to unlock our understanding of the brain and find new treatments for conditions such as depression and Parkinson's disease, according to Professor David Nutt, a leading neuroscientist and former government drug adviser. "Things are actually getting worse," said Nutt, referring to the restrictions placed on research.

  11. Gov't actively looking into reforming ganja law

    27 October 2013
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    Justice Minister Mark Golding has said consideration is being given to reforming the law relating to ganja in Jamaica to allow its use, but within certain parameters. Those boundaries include possession of marijuana for medical use, scientific research, religious purposes, and possession of small amounts of ganja (that is amounts of up to two ounces) for recreational use. It is also considering permitting the smoking of ganja in private places.

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    Few problems with cannabis for California

    25 October 2013
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    At a time when polls show widening public support for legalization California’s 17-year experience as the first state to legalize medical marijuana offers surprising lessons, experts say. Warnings voiced against partial legalization — of civic disorder, increased lawlessness and a drastic rise in other drug use — have proved unfounded, according to a broad study on the ramifications of legalizing recreational marijuana.

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    Medical marijuana licences no longer a home-grown option

    01 October 2013
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    Starting next year, thousands of medical marijuana users will have to dig up their gardens and start buying only from suppliers approved and licensed by Ottawa. Health Canada announced the changes in June. Starting Oct. 1, licences will no longer be issued to people who wish to grow their own medical marijuana. As of April 2014, the practice will be outlawed. Anyone using medical marijuana will need to get it from a licensed medical supplier. (See also: Conservative government launching billion-dollar free market)

  14. The city of Utrecht wants to convince mentally ill marijuana users to smoke better pot

    12 September 2013
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    Thanks in part to the Netherlands' policy of marijuana decriminalization, there are people living in the Dutch city of Utrecht whose addiction to cannabis prevents them from getting effective treatment for mental illness. According to a September 10 statement from Utrecht Mayor Wolfsen, "There is a group of about eighty people with a chronic psychotic disorder who barely respond to their treatment. A possible explanation for this is their severe dependence [on] cannabis."

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    El médico que pidió perdón por satanizar la marihuana

    11 August 2013
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    Durante años, Sanjay Gupta, médico de cabecera de la cadena CNN, se caracterizó por ser un ferviente opositor de la marihuana. Basado en sus conocimientos como neurólogo, estaba convencido de que la droga era peligrosa y había desestimado sus supuestos beneficios terapéuticos. Hoy, sin embargo, ha cambiado completamente de opinión y hasta pide perdón por haber contribuido a lo que llama “un gran engaño”.

  16. Maroc: vers une légalisation de la culture du cannabis?

    05 August 2013
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    Le Parlement marocain est en train d'examiner un projet de loi sur la légalisation de la culture du cannabis proposé par la Coalition marocaine pour l'utilisation du cannabis à des fins médicinales et industrielles. Le débat avait été lancé en 2008 par le collectif marocain. Le militant rifain Chakib El Khayari, membre de la coalition, a confié au site d'information que cette légalisation sauverait des milliers de producteurs des griffes des barons de la drogue.

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    Maroc: vers une légalisation de la culture du cannabis?

    05 August 2013
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    Le Parlement marocain est en train d'examiner un projet de loi sur la légalisation de la culture du cannabis proposé par la Coalition marocaine pour l'utilisation du cannabis à des fins médicinales et industrielles. Le débat avait été lancé en 2008 par le collectif marocain. Le militant rifain Chakib El Khayari, membre de la coalition, a confié au site d'information que cette légalisation sauverait des milliers de producteurs des griffes des barons de la drogue.

  18. medicalmarijuana

    The argument for cannabis as medicine: Will ideology or science prevail?

    Dr. Marcus Day
    05 August 2013
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    In Saint Lucia and throughout the Caribbean, we at the Caribbean Harm Reduction Coalition have observed the therapeutic value of cannabis (marijuana) to address a number of mental and physical health issues. This has included cannabis as an alternative to alcohol consumption for problematic drinkers, and cannabis use as a substitute for smoking crack cocaine. I have also witnessed first-hand the ways that cannabis use can reduce community violence.

  19. vicentefox

    Expresidente Fox planea investigar sobre uso medicinal de la marihuana

    21 July 2013
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    El expresidente mexicano Vicente Fox anunció que el Centro Fox intentará dedicarse a la investigación sobre el uso medicinal de la marihuana, una tarea que comenzará intentando conseguir los permisos para instaurar una red de distribución del producto. En opinión de Fox, el paradigma de prohibir y castigar ha fracasado porque no ha reducido el consumo y sí ha provocado otros efectos sociales fruto de la lucha contra el narcotráfico en México.

  20. jose-carlos-bouso

    “La marihuana es una vía segura y barata de paliar enfermedades”

    09 July 2013
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    La organización Regulación Responsable invitó a Uruguay al español José Carlo Bouso, psicólogo clínico y doctor en Farmacología, para profundizar en lo relativo al uso medicinal de la marihuana. Bouso participó ayer de un foro de especialistas en la sede del Sindicato Médico del Uruguay. Antes conversó unos minutos con El Observador.