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  1. TNI dandelion


    01 January 2013

    TNI Fellows are internationalist intellectuals with a track record of progressive activist-scholarship and a passionate commitment to social change. They bring TNI vision and new ideas, expertise relevant to current programme, connect TNI to relevant networks and commit themselves to an active role in TNI. TNI Fellowships do not involve any financial remuneration.


  2. TNI dandelion

    Académicos y académicas asociados

    01 January 2013

    Los académicos y académicas asociados (fellows) del TNI son intelectuales internacionalistas con una trayectoria de activismo progresista, profundamente comprometidos con el cambio social. Son los responsables de aportar al TNI visión y nuevas ideas, conocimientos relacionados con sus áreas de trabajo, conectan al instituto con otras redes, y se comprometen a desempeñar un papel activo en el TNI. Los académicos y académicas asociados no reciben remuneración económica del TNI.

  3. María Barral Martínez


    María graduated from the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain) in Law. Finished her degree in Italy in the university of Genova on 2011, and has done many courses related to Human Rights, International and European Law.

  4. Flower seed

    Gloria Pracucci


    Gloria joined the Agrarian Justice team in January 2012. Her work here is mainly focused on land grab read through a policy lens. She holds a BA in Political Science and an MSc in International Relations, with a concentration on Development Studies, from the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies and the University of Pisa, Italy.

  5. Sapi Ullrich

  6. Timothé Feodoroff


    Timothé Feodoroff is a political scientist and activist who brought his enthusiasm to TNI shortly after graduating from an MA in Agricultural and Rural Development Studies from the Institute of Social Studies (The Hague) in 2012. His work focuses on land, water and fisheries issues, and other related issues such as the bioeconomy....

  7. Lyda Fernanda Forero

    Project Coordinator AEJ

    Lyda Fernanda Forero is an economist who carries out analysis and campaigning on trade and investment policies, the architecture of impunity created for transnational corporations, and new trends in financialisation and commodification of nature and life. Lyda is Colombian, she has a BA degree in Economics and has  master studies in History at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, where...

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    Enlazando Alternativas

    01 January 2013
  9. Trade and Investment Agreements in Colombia

    01 January 2013

    TNI has long been an advocate for trade and investment policies that prioritise people and the environment over corporate interests. In the case of Colombia, TNI has worked closely with local activists and researchers in analysing and proposing alternatives to free trade agreements that are implemented at the expense of basic human and environmental needs, mainly in relation to the FTA EU-Colombia. In doing so, TNI works on different sectors and communities that are affected by bilateral and multilateral agreements.

  10. History of the Transnational Institute

    01 January 2013

    A collection of achievements, publications and more from the last 40 years of TNI

  11. Iniciativas en Estudios Agrarios Críticos (ICAS)


    Iniciativas en Estudios Agrarios Críticos (ICAS) es una comunidad de académicos, profesionales del desarrollo y activistas de diferentes partes del mundo que trabajan sobre cuestiones agrarias. ICAS tiene su base en el Instituto Internacional de Estudios Sociales (ISS) de La Haya, Países Bajos.

  12. The Research Consortium on Drugs and the Law (CEDD)


    The CEDD was created in the context of the growing evidence that international policies on drug control have not decreased drug use, have not stopped the cultivation of crops for illicit markets, and have not reduced drug trafficking. The effects of drug laws fall disproportionately on the most vulnerable and disadvantaged peoples, and have the undesired consequence of overwhelming the criminal...

  13. Flower seed

    Association DIOGENIS


    The Association DIOGENIS is a non-profit organisation whose main objective is to promote drug policy dialogue in Southeast Europe. DIOGENIS promotes the cooperation of NGOs in the Balkan countries and seeks cooperation with scientists, research institutions and bodies responsible for the policy on drugs

  14. Flower seed

    Forum Droghe

  15. Flower seed

    Post Globalization Initiative


    Post-globalization initiative was first discussed at meetings between experts and activists at World Social Forum in Tunis in March 2013. Preparation for G-20 Counter-Summit in St. Petersburg scheduled for September same year became an opportunity to form a coalition of movements, non-governmental organizations, labour unions and individuals which are brought together not only by the common...

  16. Annual Report 2012

    24 July 2013
    Annual report

    The theme for TNI's 2012 annual report was 'Ideas in Movement'. This reflects TNI's unique capacity to develop critical analysis that supports and is embedded in the struggles of movements for social and environmental justice.

  17. Uruguay’s pioneering cannabis regulation marks tipping point

    10 December 2013
    Press release

    Uruguay’s senate voted today (10 December) to approve the world’s first national legal framework regulating the cultivation, trade and consumption of cannabis for medical, industrial as well as recreational purposes.

  18. La regulación de la marihuana en el Uruguay

    28 July 2013

    Alguien tiene que ser el primero”, dijo Pepe Mujica, presidente de Uruguay, en entrevista con la prensa en junio de 2012 poco después de haber mandado a debate en el Parlamento el proyecto de ley de regulación de la marihuana.

  19. Uruguay’s historic cannabis regulation explained

    10 December 2013

    Uruguay has become the first state to regulate cannabis use instead of criminalising users. This infographic explains why they took this pioneering step and how the regulations will work.

  20. La histórica regulación del cannabis en Uruguay en imágenes

    11 December 2013

    Uruguay se ha convertido en el primer Estado del mundo que regulará el uso del cannabis en lugar de criminalizar a los usuarios. Este infográfico explica por qué se ha seguido este camino pionero y cómo funcionará la normativa.